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Fri, July 03
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The project features Jim Enote (Zuni), Nikki Cooley (Navajo), Leigh Kuwanwisiwma (Hopi), Coleen Kaska (Havasupai) and Loretta Jackson-Kelly (Hualapai).

By Katherine Locke March 10, 2020
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A group of young environmentalists are tracing the haul route of uranium ore from Canyon Mine to the White Mesa Mill near Bluff, Utah, while also meeting with indigenous leaders who are giving them a crash course in environmental action.

By Katherine Locke August 6, 2019
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While the films are made by indigenous people for indigenous people, that shouldn’t limit the audience to just indigenous people.

By Katherine Locke July 16, 2019
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Navajo Generating Station (NGS) owners said Feb. 28 that they are moving forward with plans to decommission the power plant in Dec. 2019, despite interest from the Navajo Transitional Energy Co. (NTEC) in purchasing it.

By Katherine Locke March 19, 2019
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Navajo Generating Station owners move forward with decommissioning power plant
Navajo Transitional Energy Company committed to continued negotiations with NGS owners

Navajo Generating Station (NGS) owners said Feb. 28 that they are moving forward with plans to decommission the power plant in Dec. 2019, despite interest from the Navajo Transitional Energy Co. (NTEC) in buying it.

By Katherine Locke February 28, 2019
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In 2016, the National Crime Information Center reported that there were 5,712 reports of missing Native women and girls. The U.S. Department of Justice’s federal missing persons database logged only 116.

By Katherine Locke February 12, 2019
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Harry Houdini’s great grand-nephew, a long-time resident of the Navajo Nation, has a new program on the Science Channel.

By Katherine Locke January 8, 2019
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Jonathan Nez elected president of Navajo Nation
First Native American women elected to U.S. House of Representatives

It was an exciting night for Native Americans and for the Navajo Nation as two Native women were elected to U.S. Congress for the first time ever and as Jonathan Nez was elected to be the next president of the Navajo Nation.

By Katherine Locke November 7, 2018
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“Öngtupqa:" Hopi connections to Grand Canyon
“Öngtupqa” takes inside look at Hopi musical and cultural connection to Desert View Watchtower with new CD and documentary

A trio of musicians with strong connections to the Grand Canyon, have made an acoustic soundscape intended to honor the surrounding landscape through music created on-site at the Desert View Watchtower.

By Katherine Locke November 6, 2018
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Reclaiming truths about Native Americans
Study finds limited personal experience and negative narratives cement Native stereotypes

When you think of Native Americans, what thoughts or images come to mind? A recent report by Reclaiming Native Truth sheds light on assumptions made about Native Americans, points out the negative challenges of that narrative and sheds light on ways forward “to achieve equity, inclusion and policy changes that will improve the lives of Native families and communities.”

By Katherine Locke August 28, 2018
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Closing date for NGS remains unchanged
House Committee meeting brings no change for future of Navajo Generating Station; still set to close in 2019

The Navajo Nation Navajo Council Speaker and Hopi Tribal Chairman testified before a House Committee on National Resources subcommittee to try and garner congressional support for keeping the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) open beyond 2019.

By Katherine Locke April 24, 2018
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Museum of Northern Arizona showcases new exhibit
Native Peoples of the Colorado Plateau exhibit opens April 15 at Museum of Northern Arizona; Native community invited to exclusive, free preview April 14

The Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA) will unveil an expanded and revitalized gallery called Native Peoples of the Colorado Plateau with an exclusive preview for Native people April 14.

By Katherine Locke April 10, 2018
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Hundreds of Kayenta Mine and Navajo Generating Station workers marched on the Arizona State Capitol Feb. 6 to announce the formation of ‘Yes to NGS,’ a coalition that advocates for solutions to ensure the continuation of NGS operations beyond 2019.

By Katherine Locke February 13, 2018
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Ready to ‘Rumble:’ annual event returns to Flagstaff Jan. 20
Rumble on the Mountain IV features local artists, musicians, dancers and speakers highlighting the sacred lands of the Colorado Plateau

Rumble on the Mountain IV, an annual event to raise awareness of the plight of indigenous people and lands of the Colorado Plateau, takes place Jan. 20 at the Coconino Center for the Arts from 2-7 p.m.

By Katherine Locke January 16, 2018
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Annette McGivney’s new book “Pure Land” started with a story she wrote for Backpacker magazine in June 2007 about the murder of Tomomi Hanamure on her 18th birthday, May 8, 2006 by Randy Wescogame, a Hasvasupai tribal member.

By Katherine Locke December 12, 2017
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After months of negotiations, the Navajo Nation, alongside all stakeholders, signed the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) Extension Lease Nov. 30 extending operations of the plant for another two years until December 2019.

By Katherine Locke December 12, 2017
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Bears Ears, Grand Staircase-Escalante monuments downsized
Tribes, conservation groups file lawsuit challenging President's decision

On Dec. 4, the Navajo Nation joined the Hopi Tribe, Zuni Tribe, Ute Indian Tribe and Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribe and filed a legal challenge against the Trump administration for its actions revoking and replacing the Bears Ears National Monument.

By Katherine Locke December 12, 2017
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With about 100 people, many of them Native American, packing the council chambers Nov. 7, the Flagstaff City Council passed a symbolic resolution opposing transporting uranium through the city from Canyon Mine by a vote of 6-1.

By Katherine Locke November 21, 2017
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WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — The Navajo Nation Council voted down legislation, during a special session Oct. 31, for the Grand Canyon Escalade project, which included a gondola tramway on the western edge of the Nation at the confluence of the Little Colorado and the Colorado rivers.

By Katherine Locke November 1, 2017
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Missing in Arizona Day, Oct. 21, aims to help families find information on missing people
Missing people considered a national, silent mass disaster

The 3rd annual Missing in Arizona Day is set for Oct. 21 at Arizona State University West and those seeking information on missing people are urged to attend, including missing people from tribal communities.

By Katherine Locke October 17, 2017
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Hope and Trauma exhibit on display in Flagstaff
Coconino Center for the Arts highlights impacts of uranium mining on Navajo lands and people in new exhibit Aug. 12 — Oct. 28

Hope and Trauma in a Poisoned Land, an exhibit presented by the Flagstaff Arts Council, explores the impact of uranium mining on Navajo lands and people with art pieces reflecting how radiation has impacted their communities.

By Katherine Locke August 15, 2017
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Navajo Generating Station to remain open through 2019
Replacement lease approved in 18-4 vote

On June 26, after more than eight hours of debate, the Navajo Nation Council voted 18-4 to approve a replacement lease for the Navajo Generating Station (NGS), allowing operations of the plant to continue until December 2019.

By Katherine Locke July 4, 2017
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Rumble on the Mountain 3, an annual concert to raise awareness related to the land and indigenous peoples of the Colorado Plateau, hit Flagstaff Jan. 28 with a theme, “Our Story,” an indigenous history of the region.

By Katherine Locke February 7, 2017
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A full house at the Bodaway/Gap Chapter waited five hours Jan. 11 for the Resource and Development Committee (RDC) to sort through other matters before tabling legislation that sought to approve the master agreement for the Grand Canyon Escalade project.

By Katherine Locke January 31, 2017
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On Dec. 28, President Barack Obama designated the Bears Ears National Monument citing its cultural importance to Native people and marking the first time tribes will have a say in managing a federal monument.

By Katherine Locke January 3, 2017
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