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Guest column: Experience Club honors academic and behavioral achievements at Williams High School

The Experience Club is a new organization at Williams High School that rewards students for good behavior and positive marks in their classes. (Submitted photo)

The Experience Club is a new organization at Williams High School that rewards students for good behavior and positive marks in their classes. (Submitted photo)

At Williams High School (WHS), a group of motivated students took the initiative to establish a club that celebrates academic accomplishments and positive behavior. Known as the Experience Club, this organization has quickly gained popularity and is making a positive impact on the school community. Under the guidance of Mr. Sanzone, their dedicated sponsor, the club members have demonstrated remarkable leadership skills and a commitment to their academic and personal growth.

“As the club sponsor and a teacher, it’s been encouraging watching the club officers develop their leadership and administration skills," Sanzone said. "Whether it’s been leading club meetings, making decisions, running their Tie-Dye shirt fundraiser, or motivating other students to improve their grades and behaviors to qualify for the fun trips the club members have earned, the students have consistently demonstrated skills they will use after graduating from high school.”

The Experience Club was conceived earlier this year when a group of students approached Mr. Sanzone, a WHS teacher, with the idea of creating a club that would recognize and honor achievements in academics and behavior. After assuring Mr. Sanzone of their dedication and willingness to put in the necessary effort, they formed the Experience Club. The name was chosen to reflect the club's goal of providing students with unique experiences as a reward for their hard work and discipline.

Since its inception, the Experience Club has witnessed substantial growth, with 41 students joining initially and a current membership of 30. The club's popularity has extended beyond WHS, as 25 new students from 8th grade schools in the district have expressed interest in joining after attending the "Eighth Grade Move Up Day" event. The students were captivated by the exciting opportunities the club offers.

As part of their fundraising efforts, the Experience Club is currently selling Tie-Dye Shirts for $10.00, with an additional $5.00 charge for personalized shirts. By purchasing these shirts, individuals not only support the club financially but also contribute to promoting student growth, celebrating academic achievements, and positive behaviors.

The Experience Club officers include: President Ashley Grantham, Vice-President–Gabriel Miner, Treasure–Jennavieve Pacheco and Secretary–Logan Sloss.

"Its a pretty fun club, last time we went to Skyzone, its a very welcome and inviting club," said member Joslyn Anslow. "I've made very good friends in the club."

The Experience Club organizes various trips and leisure activities for its members as a way to reward their academic achievements and exemplary conduct. From visits to wildlife parks, museums, and amusement parks, the club offers opportunities for students to socialize, learn, and celebrate their accomplishments. The next planned trip is to Six Flags, promising an exciting adventure for all participants.

"You have to keep C's or better and have no displinary points," Ashley Graham said. "We meet once a week and we talk about what fundraising and places we want to go."

The Experience Club has had a positive impact on WHS and the wider Williams community. By fostering a culture of excellence, the club encourages students to strive for academic success and good citizenship. Through their achievements, club members demonstrate that hard work, dedication, and determination can lead to great accomplishments. Moreover, the Experience Club's emphasis on celebrating achievements and providing unique experiences strengthens the bond within the school community, creating lasting memories and fostering social and educational opportunities.

The Experience Club at WHS stands as a testament to the power of student-led initiatives and the impact they can have on academic and personal development. This club, with its focus on recognizing achievements and promoting a culture of excellence, has become a valuable asset to the school community. By providing opportunities for students to grow and celebrate their accomplishments, the Experience Club is shaping the leaders and achievers of tomorrow.

To support the Experience Club and its mission to foster student success, you can contact a club member or Mr. Sanzone at the high school. Together, let's empower our students to strive for greatness and make the most of their educational journey.

Jennavieve Pacheco, Gabriel Miner and Thomas Sanzone

WHS Experience Club

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