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Leadership spotlight: deputy fee manager Andrew Regopoulos



I grew in in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. I loved where I grew up because it was diverse in a diversity of ways. You had the Silicon Valley types mixing with artsy folks, the blue-collar folks mixing with the organic and vegan crowds, which were all made up of people from every kind of background, all getting to eat so many different types of awesome foods. It was really cool to experience so many different types of folks and points of view.

After high school I bounced a bit trying to be a rockstar and then I found myself working in Yosemite as a seasonal at the Arch Rock Entrance. I then made permanent through the Pathways Student Intern Program and became the lead there. After that, I became a supervisor at Cabrillo National Monument, then Everglades and Dry Tortugas. I served some time at Crater Lake and have been at the wonderful Grand Canyon for two months.

How long have you worked at GRCA?

The fastest two months of my life. It has seriously flown by.

What have you enjoyed the most about working at GRCA so far?

The folks I’ve met so far have been great. The front line fee staff here are top notch. Sometimes I go to visit the entrance or campground for an hour and I’m there for three and I get way behind on work because I just like connecting with those folks. They make supporting them easy. John Venn and I realized we share music tastes, and it was hard not to turn the meeting into talking about our favorite bands. I get to work with Rod Rieman who I’ve known for several years, and we spend a ton of time laughing and coming up with ideas. With Lionel Reliford, I must be careful because he gets it done. I come up with a crazy idea and he knows how to put it together and make it work. Also, my boss rules. It’s just as simple as that.

Great people all around. I’m sorry couldn’t list you all.

What’s your favorite winter activity or sport?

I’m from California and we watch winter on TV so I don’t really have a favorite winter activity. Maybe it’s time I develop some?

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