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Letter to the Editor: No one is in favor of pozzolan mining on Bill Williams

I retired after 32 years of public school teaching and moved to Williams 12 years ago. My wife and I both have biology backgrounds and we were attracted to the this area for its small town atmosphere and proximity to nature. We live on 16 acres on the east side of Bill Williams mountain. Our southern property line now has three mining claims staked out on it. After discussing this development with other residents, reading editorials in the paper and having our town council declare it is against this mining proposal, I have not heard of even one opinion in favor of it.

Our very way of life is threatened. The potential harm is well documented. The water that Williams depends upon at Dogtown Lake and the Santa Fe reservoir could be fouled. By altering the landscape, we could be subject to disaster during the summer monsoons.

The peace we sought in this beautiful forest will be disrupted by heavy equipment making noise, polluting the air and damaging the roads while leaving scars on our mountain that will be visible for hundreds of years. This mining activity will have a detrimental effect on tourism that our town depends on. Outdoor enthusiasts will not want to come here any longer.

And for what? Drake Cement needs a concrete additive they can readily obtain from other locations that do not adversely effect the residents of this town. They want to save money by shortening the distance from the mine to their production facility. Their decision making process is based on their corporate profit - as it should be. They have no obligation to the people of Williams.

The Forest Service is operating under a law written in 1872 to allow this mining venture. Times have changed. That law needs to be revisited. Many Williams residents, including myself, have contacted our elected officials. My hope is that someone will make a change that will fairly represent the people of Williams.


David Farley

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