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Letter to the Editor: Positive thinking, prayer could defeat pozzolan mine

Environmental toxicity with contaminated water caused stomach lymphoma throughout my life with debilitating stomach and head aches and compromised immune system. Efforts to help failed. Finally 14 years ago a healer cured it. Now as hazardous pozzolan mining looms, who knows the health dangers? Let none suffer as I did.

General Mining Law of 1872 doesn’t hold us hostage, to imminent devastation. Taking precedence is the Universal Law, “First, Do Not Harm.” We can prevent destruction of land, air, water, economy and people’s health.

We have power. Prayers (a.k.a. sincere wishes) and thought have lessened or stopped many difficulties in history, often called miracles. They are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems. The more the church vigils, city gatherings, the more the power. Internet is a way to inform and ask for word prayers. Religious or not, sincere wishes are heard. Surrounding angels can help, if asked.

The secret is: what we think on we create. Think on what you want, not what you don’t want. Be creative. Some ideas are: In daily quiet time, relax, close your eyes, imagine the obsolete law of mining, allowing harm… tear it up. See new laws enacted that benefit the greater public and earth.

Imagine our newspaper’s headlines in huge black letters: “MINING CANCELLED ON WILLIAMS MOUNTAIN!” Imagine it pristine, unharmed; our water shed pure, air, people and economy healthy. Act as if it has happened. Be grateful ahead. Plan city celebrations, a dinner, a street dance, our people overwhelmed in joy.

2nd Secret: Send love to the opponent. One way is to imagine them as beloveds, addiction captive to power and greed, now numb to feeling how they affect others. See them healed and happy. This clears our fear anger and “seeming” powerlessness, which creates and attachment and gives them power over us. This action disarms them.

If our windy, rainy, snowy, erratic weather doesn’t get them… remember: Standing Rock? An unarmed multitude faced off Big Government and troops, causing no harm, saying no to the Canadian oil pipeline crossing the land. Not tolerating what benefits the few and hurts the many. Our Secretary of Interior, Deb Haalandd was there.

We love our city, our residents and worldwide visitors. Williams we will protect you!

~Lotus Flower


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