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Letter to the Editor: Don't let politics divide our country, remember to vote

No two Americans think the same – republican, democrat or independent. We all know this, but that is not a good reason to call other Americans ugly names like ‘traitor’ and the like. If you don’t like something, then vote. The hatred that is now in motion in America must stop. If this hatred doesn’t stop, we all - and I do mean all of Americans - will die. America would end up as separate little countries or maybe tribes – each hating the other. America had better turn back and turn the way we were or die as a country we once were - proud, free, and strong. The choice is ours, don’t let it be the choice of a few that hate America as she is but to what they want her to be. Vote – at all elections and be true Americans – free to say our thoughts not theirs.

~Lawrence Fox


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