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Williams Elementary-Middle School announces November Students of the Month

The Williams Elementary School Students of the Month include Matthias Soria, Elysia Long, Kash Verser, Lucy Walbourne, Matthew Rigo, Joslin Uebel and Cody McCloy. (Submitted photo)

The Williams Elementary School Students of the Month include Matthias Soria, Elysia Long, Kash Verser, Lucy Walbourne, Matthew Rigo, Joslin Uebel and Cody McCloy. (Submitted photo)

WILLIAMS, Ariz. — Williams Elementary-Middle School (WEMS) recently announced the November Students of the Month (SOM).


WEMS student of the month (Submitted photo)

The pre-k SOM is Matthias Soria. His teacher said Matthias is an amazing student and a great friend to everyone in class. He is very energetic and loves to sing and dance during circle time. Matthias comes to school every day with a huge smile on his face and ready to learn new things. His teacher can always count on him to listen and follow directions the first time.

The kindergarten SOM is Elysia Long. Elysia comes to school every day with a smile and ready to learn. She is helpful, kind and loves to learn. She follows school rules and reminds others of the rules when needed. Elysia is nice, caring and overall a wonderful friend. Elysia is a great example when it comes to SOARing every day. She is quick to finish her work and is willing to help other friends and the teacher.

The first grade SOM is Kash Verser. Kash is an excellent student and always does his best work. He is always up for a new challenge and tackles it head-on. Kash is respectful to adults and his peers and is always one of the first people to offer help. He has a great imagination and I have enjoyed seeing it come through in his writing.

The second grade SOM is Lucy Walbourne. Lucy is new to our school this year and she is doing a fantastic job being a friend to everyone that she meets. She stays on task in the classroom, follows directions and helps others when needed. Lucy has a great big smile and hug for her teacher each day. She enjoys school and loves to learn. Lucy is always ready with an answer when called on and makes sure she understands the assignment prior to completing it. Lucy is an amazing addition to our 2nd grade cohort and her teacher is so excited to have Lucy in the class.

The third grade SOM is Matthew Rigo. Matthew comes to school each day with a positive attitude and is ready to learn. He loves to share things with his teachers and peers that are important to him. He has many friends and treats others kindly. He does his best on all assignments. Matthew exhibits the character traits that make him SOAR. Consideration, kindness and a good work ethic are why Matthew is the November SOM.

The fourth grade SOM is Joslin Uebel. Joslin is a phenomenal student. She is kind, caring, hardworking, diligent and motivated. She tries her hardest on every assignment and is very focused in class. She pursues excellence and it is very evident in all of her work. Her teachers have noticed what a great role model she has become and we are very proud of her daily progress in class.

The fifth grade SOM is Cody McCloy. Cody strives to do his best academically. He rarely misses recess due to incomplete school work. He has a great attitude in school and can always be counted on to assist his peers if they are struggling in any way. He is a leader and just an all-around great young man. It is for these reasons that Cody has been chosen as fifth grade student of the month.

Middle School


The Williams Middle School Students of the Month are LaDamian Cooke and Belle Martinez.(Submitted photo)

The middle school SOM is LaDamian Cooke. LaDamian is always on task, respectful and accountable in class. He is so helpful with other students in keeping them focused. He is really patient and great at retaining information. LaDamian is one of the first to complete in-class assignments.

The middle school SOM is Belle Martinez. Witnessing Belle's growth through the last few years has been a real honor. She has blossomed into a truly wonderful individual, full of wry humor and subtle smiles. Her presence in class is always a gift, especially when we can hear her laugh. We want you to know that we see you and that we all believe that you can do anything and go anywhere you desire. Thank you for being you in the best of times and the worst of times.

Information provided by Williams Unified School District.

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