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Mon, July 04

WEMS announces March Students of the Month

Above, from left: Williams Elementary Students of the Month for March include Itzel Hernandez Lopez, Samuel Castillo-Unsicker, Zach Palmer, Renji Vitcome, Justin Yerian and Skye Fowler. (Photos/Williams Elementary-Middle School)

Above, from left: Williams Elementary Students of the Month for March include Itzel Hernandez Lopez, Samuel Castillo-Unsicker, Zach Palmer, Renji Vitcome, Justin Yerian and Skye Fowler. (Photos/Williams Elementary-Middle School)

Williams Schools recently announced its March Students of the Month (SOM). Students are nominated by their teachers.

The preschool SOM is Zach Palmer. Zach is a wonderful student and comes to school every day with a warm smile on his face. He is a quick learner and always eager to try new things. Zach is very kind and a great friend to everyone in class. Keep up the great work Zach.

The kindergarten SOM is Justin Yerian. Justin comes to school every day with his homework ready to learn. He is a very respectful young man who always uses his manners. He gets along with all students and is a friend to everyone. He tries hard on his work and never gives up. Justin never clips down and is quiet in the classroom. We are so proud to have Justin as an example of a student who soars.

The first grade SOM is Samuel Castillo-Unsicker. Samuel is a great friend to everyone. He uses polite manners when talking to his peers and adults. He always puts forth his best effort with anything we are doing in class. Samuel loves to help others. He helps them solves tasks or problems and cheers them on when they are successful on their own. Samuel helps his teacher by being responsible and following the classroom rules. He also reminds others to make good choices. Samuel is most definitely a student that SOARS every day at school. Awesome job Samuel.

The second grade SOM is Itzel Hernandez Lopez. Itzel is new to our school this year and only spoke Spanish. She was shy at first but she has progressed rapidly in our classroom. At first, Itzel and her teacher could only communicate using google translate. Now, Itzel knows several words in English and has lots of friends who will jump in to help explain. She always does her best and wants to learn more all the time. She is a falcon who soars every day. Itzel’s teacher is so happy to have her in her class.

The third grade SOM is Skye Fowler. Skye is a great example of a SOAR student. She is always ready to complete anything we have to do in class. She is also great at helping me with errands. She works hard on all assignments and completes all her homework. She is also a friend to all her classmates.

The fourth grade SOM is Renji Vitcome. Renji is new to our school district this year and he has done a great job of jumping right into his new classrooms. Renji is a very bright, kind-hearted young man. He comes into school with a positive attitude and a smile on his face every day. He is a diligent worker and a great role model to his peers. Knowledge is his strength, and it is defiantly reflective in his work and classroom discussions.


The fifth grade Student of the Month for March is Mayte Cardenas. (Photos/Williams Elementary-Middle School)

The fifth grade SOM is Mayte Cardenas. Mayte has shown exceptional growth in her confidence level, especially in math, and in maturity. Mayte always tries her hardest and it is reflected in her improved grades and attitude towards school and her school work. There was a time that Mayte would become very frustrated with math, but as the year has progressed, she dives in with both feet and tackles her math head on with a renewed fortitude towards the subject that she did not have the beginning of this school year. She is also a great friend to her peers and never hesitates to step in with either assistance or a kind word or two for those who are in need.


Middle School Students of the Month Izzy Palmerin and Alexis Lara. (Photos/Williams Elementary-Middle School)

Middle School

The middle school team is happy to have Izzy Palmerin as our March SOM. She has such a big heart. Selfless, caring, and hardworking are just a few ways to describe what a great student she is. Izzy consistently puts the best interest of others ahead of her own. She is a friend to all and offers a helping hand to any student or teacher in need. Each day she is full of enthusiasm for everything we do and always has a super positive attitude. She is a true joy and ray of sunshine. She is very kind to others, is always smiling and passes her happiness on to all of her classmates and teachers. In class, she is bubbly and excited to learn. Her passion for learning is contagious. We are proud to have Izzy represent our sixth grade class as our SOM.

The middle school team is also happy to have Alexis Lara as our SOM. Alexis is a kindhearted and hard-working young man. He is always eager to learn and has excellent participation in class. He is very responsible and consistently puts forth his best effort to succeed academically. Alexis has a great attitude, is kind, and has a terrific smile. His teachers and fellow students appreciate his positive attitude and consideration for others. It is a pleasure to recognize Alexis as SOM.

Information provided by WEMS

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