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Letter: I live off-grid and I still get to enjoy indoor plumbing and TV

I have decided to write about “Off Grid” living.

Why? I have been amazed at how many people have no idea what off grid living is. I am asked or told that they would never use a porta-potty in the winter or that they would not live without a TV or computer. Yes, when you buy a piece of barren land you are overwhelmed. You ask yourself, “How do I get electricity and water?” How do I even get started?

I am now 72-years-old and have been disabled since my late 40s. I moved out here with a friend. Reality hit us very quickly. I was lucky to have met the right people who helped me immensely and I hope they know how we appreciative I am for them.

I have 16 solar panels, 16 batteries and a top notch inverter. I didn’t even know what an inverter was that long ago. It is very true that you learn as you go. I also have generators. Over the years inverters have improved so now you have to have a generator which is compatible to work with your invertor.

I have lived here now for 22 years and have loved it.

Oh, by the way, I have inside plumbing, toilets, a bath and a shower. I also have a TV, computer, microwave, coffee pot, washer and dryer. I own 36 acres but have two acres fenced around my house.

Mother Nature provides me with plenty of beauty and no street lights make the stars amazing. I do have my home for sale. Reluctantly, I have been told to move closer to my doctor, so I will. Everything is set up for the next owner. I just hope they will keep water out for the birds.

Rosalind (Roz) Mayne,

Williams resident

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