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Mon, April 19

Coconino County Detention Facility continues precautions to protect jail population

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Coconino County Detention Facility stated it has received numerous questions regarding steps and measures taken to ensure the best quality of care is being provided for its in-custody population.

“The most important step in the facility’s approach to the current COVID-19 outbreak (and any other communicable diseases) is screening and education,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a press release.

All individuals booked into the detention facility receive the following screenings: biometric readings (to include blood pressure, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and if needed blood sugar), travel questionnaire and health risk assessment. If anyone presents with a fever or any other symptoms of a communicable disease, they are kept separate and monitored closely by medical staff.

Handwashing supplies have been increased and everyone is encouraged to wash their hands and avoid touching their face and other people.

The in-custody population can request medical services though written forms at any time and in emergency cases they can reach out directly to staff. Medical staff are in communication with the in- custody population and are frequently having open talks and trainings with them. These communications provide additional opportunities for the in-custody population to voice concerns and have their questions addressed.

Service providers from outside the facility have been provided numerous options to continue conducting business while limiting the potential to expose the in-custody population to any of the communicable diseases in our community. The most heavily used and encouraged option is through video streaming provided by GTL ( Several options have been coordinated with the various courts, attorneys and case managers in our jurisdiction to ensure court dates and other county services are being met.

Additionally, extra time and cleaning protocols have been established for the overall cleaning of the facility. We continue to use industry approved and effective sanitizers /disinfectants to wipe down surfaces multiple times per day. This is in addition to the cleaning supply access regularly provided to the in-custody population three times per day. Additional supplies are provided as needed and all shower areas are cleaned / disinfected regularly.

All bedding, linen, and clothing are laundered on a regular schedule with commercial grade laundry equipment.

Currently the facility is not experiencing a shortage of any personal hygiene items and staff are working with established vendors to ensure an acceptable level for the delivery of services.

Staff who are sick, caring for sick family members or who may have been in close contact with someone sick are being encouraged to stay home to prevent the potential spread of communicable disease.

The facility is following the recommended procedures and published guidelines from its medical staff, Coconino County Health and Human Services, the State Health Department and the Center for Disease Control.

Information provided by Coconino County Sheriff’s Office

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