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Thu, June 17

Coconino County requires face masks when social distancing not possible

Coconino County has joined other Arizona communities with a proclamation regarding face coverings.

On June 19, the county issued a proclamation requiring residents and visitors to wear a face covering when not able to physical distance themselves from other persons.

The proclamation, effective June 20, applies to all private lands in the unincorporated areas of the County. The County proclamation does not affect areas within cities or towns in the County, such as Williams, Fredonia or Tusayan, or on federal, state or tribal lands.

“Wearing a face covering when around others is one of the single most effective ways to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our community,” said Coconino County Chairwoman Liz Archuleta. “Each of us can help to prevent COVID-19 transmission by wearing a face covering when we cannot physically distance from others. Please do your part and model best practices by putting on your face covering when you are out in public and around other people. This is one thing we can do to take care of ourselves and neighbors.”

In accordance with CDC guidance, all individuals older than 2 years old must wear a face covering while within the unincorporated areas of Coconino County under the following circumstances:

• When in a public indoor space if another person is present.

• When in public outdoor spaces if another non-household person is less than 6 feet away.

• When in the public areas of any business or government building.

• When waiting in line indoors and outdoors.

Face coverings will not be required for children under the age of 2 years old, or anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

Face coverings will not be required when at home, while eating or drinking, while swimming, while working alone in a workplace when six feet of physical is present, when alone in vehicle or in a vehicle with household members, or when exercising alone or with household members.

The county encourages residents and visitors to continue to follow best practices and guidance to prevent COVID-19 transmission including staying home when sick, not gathering in large numbers, maintaining physical distance of at least 6 feet apart from others and washing or sanitizing your hands frequently. Combining these practices with wearing a face covering will greatly help to slow the spread of COVID-19.

A copy of the proclamation can be found at For more information or to see all current guidance on COVID-19, please visit or call the Coconino County COVID-19 Information Line at 928- 679-7300.

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