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Tue, Sept. 22

Letter: Tusayan council, mayor doing everything possible to help residents and businesses

Tusayan Mayor Craig Sanderson said he is running for re-election in the 2020 primary election. (Submitted photo)

Tusayan Mayor Craig Sanderson said he is running for re-election in the 2020 primary election. (Submitted photo)

As you well know, Tusayan residents and businesses are in the midst of a health and economic emergency.

The town council and I will continue to do everything we can to help residents and businesses through these difficult times.

Meanwhile my opponent, who would like to be mayor of Tusayan, has been working on a misleading campaign. Even though the town attorney has publicly made it very clear that the town cannot give each Tusayan resident $6,000 nor continue to give thousands of dollars every year, she has yet to retract her campaign promise.

Not only is her plan illegal but I call it morally corrupt.

First of all, I consider her proposal nothing more than a bribe in attempt to buy votes using the town’s money. Is it just coincidence that her plan only pays those people that are eligible to register to vote in Tusayan? If her plan was viable then why are no other towns and cities doing it?

Just because a town has money in an investment savings account does not mean there is excess tax money. It simply means we have been responsible in our financial responsibility.

Now with visitation to the Grand Canyon just a small fraction of what we normally would expect, we need to be even more cautious in spending the public’s money wisely. The town needs all of our tax revenue and millions more to invest in the future of our town for things such as affordable housing opportunities, flood protection, expansion of the sports complex and pedestrian street lighting.

We also need tax revenue to continue assisting community partners such as the fire department and the chamber of commerce.

Finally, the town, under my leadership, will continue to help our citizens that are in need, including helping to bring residential internet from Access Parks and donations to non-profit organizations such as Kaibab Learning Center to reduce day care costs for our residents.

In short, I will continue to be responsible with the town’s tax revenue to benefit our community.

Craig Sanderson

Mayor of Tusayan

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