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Wed, Nov. 25

In the running: Greg Brush candidate for Tusayan council

Greg Brush is a candidate for Tusayan council. (Submitted photo)

Greg Brush is a candidate for Tusayan council. (Submitted photo)

Grand Canyon News is running a Q & A for candidates running for Tusayan council. Greg Brush, Josh Collet and Rebecca (Becky) Wirth are running for two town council seats. Charles Townsend has withdrawn from the race. Josh Collet chose not to participate in this Q&A. Candidates were asked to answer the same questions. Rebecca Wirth is the incumbent and Greg Brush is a resident of Tusayan and chief of Tusayan Fire Department. Council seats are four-year terms.

Greg Brush

Why are you running?

I’m running for Tusayan Town Council because I love our community.

I used to visit the Grand Canyon often, eventually I decided to move here permanently. I’ve lived here since 2003, started volunteering with the Tusayan Fire District in 2004, and have really enjoyed being part of the Tusayan family.

Tusayan is comprised of amazing people, people that have your back, and people that are there when you need them. I challenge you to name another town with so many people looking out for each other. I want to continue working for the people of Tusayan.

What is the biggest challenge facing the Tusayan community?

We need to build bridges here, right now, today.

I want everybody in town to know they have a voice. If we aren’t working for the priorities of the town’s residents, we have failed them. I also think there needs to be more opportunities for the residents to share their opinions.

“We the people” is where we need to be coming from, in all things government. If I’ve had the pleasure to have met you, you know I believe in building bridges and friendships here. If I haven’t met you, I want to, and I want to hear your thoughts.

What issues are you most passionate about addressing if elected to office?

I want all of us as “workers of the town” to feel safe.

People are worried about their families, finances, jobs, COVID, homes, public safety, and school this fall. It’s vital for everybody to know that our town council will have their interests at heart.

This is a tough year for Tusayan, and I go out of my way to talk with everybody (I can) here. Recently, I’ve heard words like “I’m scared.” I hear you and I want to do something about it.

How do you plan to approach the current crisis created by COVID-19 in Tusayan?

We need to stop the spike, immediately.

We currently have 31 plus confirmed cases in Tusayan/Grand Canyon. Some things have been done, but the numbers will continue to climb unless we take further actions. Every action takes two weeks to be reflected in the statistics, and we need to do more, now.

We need to put an unprecedented effort into visitor education (e.g. wearing masks), enforce the current proclamations/guidelines/quarantines and implement further actions to protect the residents as well as the businesses.

If we can’t keep the residents in Tusayan safe, the businesses can’t thrive, and the town will not prosper.

Where would you like to see Tusayan at the end of your term if elected?

I want to see every person, family and business thrive here.

I want to see the Sports Complex completed.

I want regularly scheduled community meetings where the residents can share their needs.

I want to implement what’s important to you, as a resident.

I want people to know that the Tusayan Town Council works for you, not the other way around.

I want everybody on the council to be accountable to your priorities and be available if you want to share your thoughts.

The resident’s hearts are already in the right place, let’s make this town even better.

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