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Sat, Oct. 31

Letter: Charles Townsend will not run for Tusayan council

Charles Townsend. (Submitted photo)

Charles Townsend. (Submitted photo)

Tusayan voters,

It pains me to do so, but I need to announce to all of you that I will no longer be pursuing a seat on the Tusayan Town Council.

Unfortunately, I have run into an unforeseen conflict with my employer and am no longer eligible to serve as a councilman. By the time I discovered this conflict, it was too late to remove my name as an official candidate, so you will still see my name on the ballot. DO NOT VOTE FOR ME. Even if elected, I am unable to serve on the town council and will turn down the position.

None of this changes how I feel about this strong town and the beautiful area we have all chosen to live. I am a proud Tusayan resident and plan to continue being an active member of our community. As such, I still plan on attending as many town events as I can including town council meetings.

I look forward to exercising my voice as a citizen of this town, regardless of who gets elected in the current election. I am excited about where this community is headed and I truly believe that we are on the cusp of great change.

Do you ever want to get out of company housing? Do you want a new K-12 campus right here in Tusayan for your kids? Would you like to have more options for employment? Do you ever want to own a business in town? There are adversaries to progress here that don’t want you to have those things. They don’t think we can govern ourselves. They don’t want the regular, working people of this town to be calling the shots. The town has been fighting an uphill battle every step of the way because of the obstacles put up by those who don’t want change.

Despite this battle, progress has been made. Would our small community have free internet access for our residents if Coconino County was still in charge? Would the business owners of this town spend their money to build the sports complex and playground that the town built? Would the school have been able to successfully procure a multimillion dollar grant to get a high-speed fiber optic line to this area without the help of the hard-working members of our current town council?

I can’t be on the council but I hope you join me in attending more town council meetings. Let’s play a bigger role in our community. I don’t have to get elected to help keep good changes coming and neither do you. Reward our current mayor Craig Sanderson for his hard work with your vote this election. If you were going to vote for me, you should put that vote on Rebecca Wirth. She has been a humble champion in our community for decades and she deserves all of our support. They are the ones who have been bringing progress to our community. Let’s rally together to finish what they’ve started.

Charles “Chas” Townsend

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