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Thu, June 17

Meet the candidates: Dawn Trapp

Dawn Trapp is a candidate for the Williams City Council. (Submitted photo)

Dawn Trapp is a candidate for the Williams City Council. (Submitted photo)

The Williams-Grand Canyon News gave the five Williams City Council candidates an opportunity to introduce themselves and explain their positions on important issues facing Williams in this Q & A:

Why are you running?

I have spent the past four years on Williams City Council, and know my work is not yet done.

The city has many moving parts and knowing and understanding each city department is not an easy task, it takes time and a strong commitment to learn. I have the balance of business experience, non-profit management, along with a huge passion to see this city maintain its rich history. I am still very passionate to help enhance the potential for sustainable businesses, increase employment opportunities, affordable housing and enrich the quality of life for each generation of residents.

What strengths can you bring to the council?

I am always thoughtful, transparent and honest in my decision-making processes. It is important to have a broad spectrum of understanding to ensure the decisions made at the council represent the community.

I am not afraid to speak my mind or ask tough questions that are needed at meetings. For 18 years, I have served as the CEO, Civitan Foundation, along with owning two additional successful family businesses. I am a true visionary and look to help the city continue to preserve all that is loved but enhance and advance with the times.

I want to be a decision maker, who helps develop the future of our community, ensure its alignment with your values, and support the vision that you have for the future of your family, and your businesses.

What are the biggest issues facing Williams?

Most presently are the changes brought on by COVID-19 and the ability to bounce back and help maintain the many family businesses in town.

We cannot afford empty storefronts or empty buildings. Our tax dollar revenues have decreased tremendously, which will impact the budgets for infrastructure and some long-term projects. We will need to continue to look for more economic development opportunities that could bring in not only more tax dollar revenues, but quality of life features to our community.

What do you see as the city’s greatest strengths?

The greatest strengths lie in our natural resources: the climate, forests, lakes, hunting and most importantly our people. Therefore, I would like to see more infrastructure on recreational activities as in ball fields, pool, skate park, ski area, rodeo grounds and public spaces. Updating, promoting and developing these assets could prove to add more tax dollars as well as enhancing the quality of life for our residents year-round. People continue to move to our city, for the small town quaintness, and most importantly the feel of community. Our residents are proud of Williams in many ways. We are also becoming a very vibrant second home community.

What can the city do to mitigate the economic impacts of COVID-19?

In disastrous times, risk is constructed around four concepts: hazard, exposure, vulnerability and resilience. We must look at implementing possible strategies — hiring and discretionary spending freezes, prioritizing/delaying certain capital projects obtaining grants, but most importantly, being ready to change sails quickly and often if needed.

While our foreign travel has dropped by almost 90 percent, our driving tourists have soared. This is a huge opportunity to gain and maintain this business.

People come to our city to escape the heat, craziness of big cities and explore our wide-open spaces. Once people come to Williams, they fall in love, not only with the area, but the people and assets we call home.

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