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Tue, April 13

Williams Elementary-Middle School announces January Students of the Month

The Williams SOM for January include Bryana Goings, E. J. Montoya, Emma Corwin, Aydin McCarron, Isaac Centeno and Haylie Lopez. (Photo/WEMS)

The Williams SOM for January include Bryana Goings, E. J. Montoya, Emma Corwin, Aydin McCarron, Isaac Centeno and Haylie Lopez. (Photo/WEMS)

WILLIAMS, Ariz. — Williams Elementary-Middle School recently announced its January Students of the Month.

The preschool SOM is Yariyah Salaz. Yariyah is a student who daily comes to class ready to learn. She is excited about learning new things and


The Pre-K SOM for January is Yariyah Salaz. (Photo/WEMS)

shares that enthusiasm with others. When there is something preschool is memorizing, Yariyah works diligently to put it to memory. Yariyah is a strong leader in the preschool classroom and helps others learn to SOAR as she, herself, SOARS.

The kindergarten SOM is Bryana Goings. Bryana is doing an amazing job in Kindergarten. She is already on first grade sight words and she loves to read and write. Bryana also takes great pride in her illustrations. She writes letters to all of her classmates. Bryana is kind, sweet and helpful. She S.O.A.R.S every day and ensures that the kids in her class are soaring too. Her teacher is very glad to have Bryana in her class this year.

The first grade SOM is E.J. Montoya. E.J. is a student with great determination and positive energy. He is caring, energetic and a hard worker. He works hard to complete his assignments the best he can and will offer to help others if needed. He takes on every day with an open attitude which helps him build his knowledge and investigate new ideas. He has worked on his Tricky Words and made tremendous gains this past quarter. He is polite and respectful to adults and his peers. Keep SOARing E.J.

The second grade SOM is Emma Corwin. Emma is a new student this year and has done a wonderful job of learning the school rules. Emma is a quiet student who does her best every day. Her smile is contagious and her teacher loves to see it every morning. Emma is a friend to all and loves to play with her friends at recess. She was nervous to be a dancing turkey for the winter program, but she did it! Her teacher is very proud of her for stepping in at the last minute to help a friend. Emma is a true falcon who soars every day.

The third grade SOM is Aydin McCarron. Aydin is such a quiet, hard-working student. He is a great example of a student that soars. He follows directions the first time, he helps students when needed and is great at following Mrs. Jackson’s directions during play practice. Fantastic job Aydin.

The fourth grade SOM is one that has impressed all of his teachers. His behavior has improved. He has gone from not turning in assignments and homework to turning everything in the past month. He has had a change in attitude and has become much more respectful, responsible, on- task and accountable! He is soaring falcon style and his teachers hope he keeps it up because he is becoming a good example to his peers. Congratulations to Isaac Centeno. We are proud of you and keep on SOARING.

The fifth grade SOM is Haylie Lopez. Haylie has such a big heart. Selfless, caring, and hardworking are just a few ways to describe what a great student she is. Haylie offers a helping hand to any student or teacher in need. She is such a sweet young lady who greets teachers each morning and afternoon with a smile. Her teachers are proud to have Haylie to represent our fifth grade class as the SOM. Keep up the great work.


The Williams Middle School SOM for January is Katelyn Seales and Thomas Gonzales. (Photo/WEMS)

Middle School

Williams Middle School male SOM is Thomas Gonzales. Thomas is an excellent student. He is an avid hunter, a team player, and a friend to all. Thomas exemplifies the WEMS student of the month award. He is dependable, hard-working, and a joy to have in class.

Williams Middle School female SOM is Katelyn Seales. Katelyn is a real go-getter. She spends time outside of school brushing up on current events, and consistently contributes valuable insights to class discussions.

Information provided by Williams Elementarry-Middle School

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