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Mon, Jan. 25

Williams Fire names Firefighter of the Year, responds to house, semi fires

WILLIAMS, Ariz. — Williams Volunteer Fire Department celebrated the holidays during its annual Christmas party Dec. 14 at American Legion Cordova Post #13 in Williams. The department provided smoked meat for dinner and department members provided sides and dessert.

During the party, Lieutenant Justin Sandoval was awarded Firefighter of the Year for the department. Sandoval was selected based on his dedication to providing quality training and multiple hours to the department.


Williams Fire Lieutenant Justin Sandoval was named Firefighter of the Year in Dec. 2019. (Photo/WGCN)


Firefighter Ian James was recognized for more than 25 years of service to the department. (Photo/WGCN)

Additionally, Firefighter Ian James was recognized for more than 25 years of service to the department.

Williams Fire held annual officer elections at its regularly scheduled meeting Dec. 4. Elected officers for 2020 include:

Kevin Schulte – Chief

Don Mackay – Assistant Chief

Chase Pearson – Captain 1

Justin Sandoval – Captain 2

Cameron Maebe – Captain 3

During the meeting, changes to some of the department bylaws, rules, and regulations were voted on.

Additionally, in November, firefighter James provided an initial job posting, description and initial inspection priority for a future full-time fire inspector position for the department.

Incident review

12/2, Hereford — WFD arrived on scene and found hot ashes and paper shreds in a steel container outside the house. Paper was smoking. Ash can was dumped out and mixed with snow and placed back in the bucket.

12/07, I-40 WB MP 155 — WFD responded to a report of a semi on fire. Arrived on scene and found semi-tractor fully involved with front part of trailer involved. Trailer was hauling bottled alkaline water. Ash Fork arrived on scene as well as Kaibab Estates West.

12/08, W Route 66 — WFD responded to report of a pull station activated. Advised it was pulled by a child and there was no fire, just need help with resetting the system. Arrived on scene and found first floor pull station activated and system silenced. Reset pull station and system. System then showed second floor zone 4 alarm. Found detector on second floor east wing. No smoke in the area. Pulled detector down and blew it out. Reset system.

12/09, N Grand Canyon Blvd. — Engine 7 arrived on scene and was greeted by hotel manager. Manager silenced the alarm and accidentally reset it. Firefighters walked all hallways upstairs and down to check all pulls and heat/smoke detectors. .

12/17, S Perkinsville Rd. — WFD responded to report of CO2 monitor activation. Arrived to two story single family dwelling. Heavy smoke coming from the fireplace. Inside occupants stated two CO2 monitors had been activated. Checked for any elevated levels in the atmosphere. Covered whole house and found no readings. Instructed occupants to contact landlord and have the flute completely cleaned.

12/18, N Grand Canyon Blvd. — WFD was cancelled in route

12/20, Second Street — WFD was dispatched for a report of smoke near the Christmas tree on the hill. Cancelled prior to response.

12/28, I-40 EB MP 156 — WFD personnel found pickup in the median pulling a trailer, both on their side. Occupant had self-extricated prior to arrival. Fire personnel checked the vehicle for hazards and found none. Fire personnel also assisted in locating property for the occupant, this was given to DPS. Fire Personnel also assisted in getting another vehicle unstuck that had stopped to assist.

12/29, N State Route 64 — WFD was dispatched for a three vehicle accident. Dispatch updated personnel that assistance was needed for extrication and one pinned under vehicle. High country fire advised 3 ambulances and 2 helicopters were ordered for the assignment due to multiple patients. Arrived on-scene and HCFR advised WFD was not needed.

12/30, E New Moon — WFD was dispatched for a mutual aid request for a fully engulfed structure fire. Crews arrived on scene and grabbed various hand tools and air packs were donned. Ceilings were pulled for fire control and to check for extension. All ceilings were pulled throughout house. All fire in attic was exposed and extinguished and verified with thermal imaging camera.

12/30 I-40 EB MP 161 — WFD dispatched for vehicle fire. Arrived on scene found axle and brakes with heat stored after an extinguisher was used to put out fire. Pulled hand line and cooled area.

WFD training

On Dec. 18, Sandoval conducted training at Station 2. Training consisted of online fire rescue instruction including scene size-up, establishing command and scenarios.

On Dec. 10 Loretta McKenney completed an EMT class through Coconino Community College. She plans to take the National Registry exam in January.

Community interaction

On Dec. 24, WFD assisted Toys for Tots — USMC out of Flagstaff with distributing toys for local children in Williams.


Williams Fire gives out candy canes and high-fives Dec. 25 in Williams. (Photo courtesy of Stephen John Andros)


WFD hands out candy canes to Williams’ residents Dec. 25. (Photo courtesy of Stephen John Andros)

On Dec. 24, Firefighters Pettit, Anderson, Cruz and Perkins helped two families by helping distribute holiday dinners and gifts. The event was coordinated in partnership with the American Legion, who adopted a family for Christmas.

On Dec. 25, WFD handed out candy canes to Williams residents. Engine 7 and Engine 8 were used to distribute the candy canes. Firefighters Sandoval, Anderson, Maebe and family and friends helped.

Information provided by Williams Volunteer Fire Department

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