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Fri, July 03

From the publisher: Send in the "federal" clowns

All of us should be grateful for our local politicians; by local I mean city councils, county supervisors and state legislators — I consider these local politicians.

These are hard-working, intelligent, easy to access people who work off their tails for you and me for very little compensation. They do this primarily because they enjoy it and want to do a good job representing all of us on a local, regional and state level. These politicians work together regardless of political affiliation and are the key to what grass roots representation is all about in our country. We should be grateful for these people and what they do for us. We should thank people like John Moore, Walter Blackman, Don Dent, Bernie Hiemenz and Doug Ducey to name a few, every chance we get. Whether we agree with them and their actions or not, they are open, honest and accommodating to us. To say the least they are usually very considerate and refreshing in their approach to politics, and they are “class acts.”

It seems the new breed of the federal politician is to be a hate monger that lacks respect for their fellow politicians or any of us for that matter. They act only upon party lines and do next to nothing to act upon what their constituents elected them to do. Most of these people are like school children playing dodgeball against one another with the maturity level of a three-year-old running amuck in a candy store. Many of us are left scratching our heads over these overzealous adults and their infantile behavior. At the end of the day, almost every one of them have a personally motivated “hidden” agenda.

It is almost to the point where you begin to wonder if boxing gloves or perhaps a political Olympics would be a more mature way of settling their differences. Wouldn’t you love to see the top federal politicos from each party in a relay race against each other…?

It wasn’t so long ago that politicians on both sides of the fence in D.C. worked out their differences like grown-ups rather than the current clowns that utilize name calling, ugly faces, ignoring one another, making childish comments on social media and ripping up documents in public. Perhaps the answer for all of them is to attend anger management counseling?

I hope everyone remembers their actions when it comes to voting in the upcoming election. Whether they are personally acting like a child or supporting someone who is, my hope is we can find replacements who won’t participate in this childish behavior. After all, aren’t these folks supposed to set an example for their constituents and our children? Oh wait, they expect their constituents to show respect for our institutions and other fellow people, but they are exempt from the same rules. Hogwash, everyone one of them and their political cronies that support them should be shown the door when they are up for re-election.

My thanks again to all the local, regional and state politicians for working so hard for all of us and setting the example the federal clowns should follow. Perhaps a simple apology, not only to the American people but to each other, would be a step in the right direction for our friends in D.C.; although I doubt if any of them are adult enough or humble enough to take that step. The sad part is you, I and most of all our children are the losers.

Thanks for reading and thanks for writing to us. Remember, a free press is your First Amendment right.

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