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Tue, June 15

Coconino County, state of Arizona certify election results

WILLIAMS, Ariz. — Coconino officials canvassed the county’s election results Nov. 20, certifying that 81.54 percent of registered voters cast a ballot. There are 90,716 registered voters in Coconino County, and 73,968 ballots were cast.

In the county, 44,698 votes were cast for Democrat Joe Biden and 27,052 votes were cast for President Donald Trump. There were 1,522 votes for Jo Jorgensen and 360 write-ins.

In the race for the U.S. Senate, Mark Kelly received 45,561 votes to Martha McSally’s 27,255 votes in Coconino County. State-wide, Kelly received 1,716,467 votes to McSally’s 1,637,661 to secure the seat, with 51 percent of the vote.

Democrat Tom O’Halleran received 188,469 votes, beating Republican Tiffany Shedd’s 176,709 votes to win another term in the U.S. House of Representatives. O’Halleran received 51.6 percent of the vote.

For State Senator District 6, Wendy Rogers received 67,379 votes to Felicia French’s 55,833 votes, placing Rogers as the winner with 54 percent of the vote. In Coconino County, 31,795 votes were cast for French and 21,975 votes were cast for Rogers.

For State Representative District 6, Republicans Walt Blackman and Brenda Barton won the two seats over Coral Evans and Art Babbott. Blackman received 28.9 percent of the vote and Barton won 26.33 percent. In Coconino County, Evans and Babbott received the majority of votes.

Matt Ryan won the race for Coconino County Supervisor District 3. Ryan received 9,188 votes (55.55 percent) and Republican Byron Peterson’s received 7,352 votes (44.45 percent).

Paul Deasy beat Charlie Odegaard for Mayor of Flagstaff. Deasy received 17,520 votes (54.71 percent) and Odegaard received 14,504 votes (45.20 percent).

Other county winners:

Armando Ruiz, Coconino County assessor

Bill Ring, Coconino County attorney

Patty Hansen, Coconino County recorder.

Jim Driscroll, Coconino County Sheriff.

Sarah Benatar, Coconino County Treasurer.

Tommy Lewis, Jr., County Superintendent of Schools


Leah Payne, Carla Dent and Herman Nixon retained their seats on the Williams Unified School District Governing Board.

Craig Fritsinger was declared the winner for the seat on Williams City Council. Fritsinger received 636 votes (51.29 percent) and Dawn Trapp received 604 votes (48.71 percent). The results of this race will become official when the Williams City Council canvasses the votes, most likely during its first meeting in December, according to Williams City Clerk Pam Galvan.


Greg Brush won the seat for Tusayan Town Council. Brush received 90 votes (65.69 percent).

The community also passed Prop 437 passing “Home Rule” or the alternative expenditure limitation with 131 votes (70.81 percent) for the proposition and 54 votes (29.19 percent) against.

Prop 207 – Legalize recreational marijuana use

Voters passed Proposition 207 to legalize marijuana in Arizona. The measure passed with 1,956,440 votes in favor (60 percent), and 1,302,458 against (40 percent). In Coconino County, 46,424 votes were cast in favor, 24,728 against.

The proposition called for legalizing possession and consumption of marijuana by adults 21 and older. Medical marijuana was legalized in Arizona in 1996.

Prop 208 – tax on higher earners

Proposition 208, a ballot measure that will raise taxes on the wealthy to fund K-12 education in the state, passed with 51.75 percent in favor (1,675,810 votes) and 48.25 percent against (1,562,639 votes). In Coconino County, 43,233 votes were cast in favor, and 27,608 against.

Presidential race in Arizona

Arizona officials certified the state’s election results Nov. 30, formalizing Biden’s narrow victory over Trump even as the Republican president’s attorneys continued making claims of fraud in the state’s vote count.

Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs certified the election results alongside Gov. Doug Ducey and Attorney General Mark Brnovich, both Republicans, and state Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Brutinel.

Hobbs and Ducey both vouched for the integrity of the vote count.

“We do elections well here in Arizona. The system is strong,” Ducey said.

He did not directly address Trump’s claims of irregularities but said the state pulled off a successful election with a mix of in-person and mail voting despite the pandemic.

Arizona voters should know that the election “was conducted with transparency, accuracy and fairness in accordance with Arizona’s laws and election procedures, despite numerous unfounded claims to the contrary,” Hobbs said.

Biden is only the second Democrat in 70 years to win Arizona. In the final tally, he won by 10,457 votes, 0.3 percent of the nearly 3.4 million ballots cast. Eleven Democratic electors will meet Dec. 14 to formally cast Arizona’s electoral votes for Biden.

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