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Sat, April 10

Williams schools announce March Students of the Month

The Students of the Month for Williams Elementary include Kailee Davis, Alexis Rank, Dezirae Sanchez Parker, Sabino Bautista-Rojas, Noah Canedo, Evaliano Bonilla and Cody Lucas. (Photo/WEMS)

The Students of the Month for Williams Elementary include Kailee Davis, Alexis Rank, Dezirae Sanchez Parker, Sabino Bautista-Rojas, Noah Canedo, Evaliano Bonilla and Cody Lucas. (Photo/WEMS)

WILLIAMS, Ariz. — Just before the school closure because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Williams Elementary-Middle School announced its March Students of the Month.

Noah Canedo was selected as the preschool Student of the Month. His teacher said Noah is a wonderful student to have in her afternoon preschool class. He comes to class and gets right to the business of the day. He is the student who volunteers regularly to be our classroom greeter. He will welcome all students with a warm smile and a “Hi, hello.” If there is a letter to know, Noah knows it. He is just as quick with any question about numbers. Noah is a joy to have in the preschool class.

Dezirae Sanchez Parker is the kindergarten Student of the Month. Dezirae’s teacher said she is a kind and sweet friend to everyone. She is always willing to help out when she sees a friend struggling in class or on the playground. She will play with anyone who is feeling lonely. Dezirae is a role model in her class. She knows when it’s time to be on task and always does her best work. Her teacher said she is lucky to have her in the class. She said, “Dezirae keep up the great work and continue to SOAR.”

Alexis Rank is the first grade Student of the Month. Alexis’ teacher said she has made tremendous growth since the beginning of the year, both academically and personally. She is rocking her tricky words and is on list 300 already. She follows directions and completes her work in a timely fashion and often offers to help students that may need it. She is kind and respectful to students and grown-ups alike. She is an example of a student that SOARS. She said, “Keep up the great work, Alexis.”

The second grade Student of the Month is Evoliano Bonilla. His teacher said Voli is a wonderful student to have in class. He is kind and generous to all his classmates. He does his best on his assignments and works hard to make sure that all his homework is completed on time. Currently, he is working on advanced math. Voli loves to read and create imaginative stories for the writing papers. He has already completed his Smarty Ants work for year two. She said Voli is a falcon who soars every day.

The third grade Student of the Month is Sabino Bautista-Rojas. This is Sabino’s first year without the help from the ELL classroom. His teacher said he has been doing well, working hard, and completing all of his assignments. Although he likes to chit-chat often, he gets things done. He is an example of how hard work pays off.

The fourth grade Student of the Month is Kailee Davis. Kailee’s teacher said Kailee is more than deserving of being the March Student of the Month. Kailee does a fantastic job of staying on task in class, turning her work in on time, being respectful of both her peers and her teachers, and volunteers to answer questions in class. Kailee is compassionate and kind; she has been there for others who need a friend, and is dependable and reliable. Her teacher said, “Congratulations Kailee, keep up the good work.”

The fifth grade team is happy to have Cody Lucas as the March Student of the Month. Cody’s teacher said he has such a big heart. He is selfless, caring and hardworking. Cody consistently puts the best interest of others ahead his own. He is a friend to all and offers a helping hand to any student or teacher in need.


WEMS Students of the Month for middle school include Kelsey Greer and Wyatt McCarron. (Photo/WEMS)

Middle school

Kelsey Greer is the sixth grade female Student of the Month. Kelsey’s teacher said she has grown as a student, she has worked hard academically and shared her success with other students who need help. She participates fully in class and asks questions that help the entire class. Kelsey works well with any student she is with. Her teacher said, “She should be proud of her efforts and success. We are excited to watch her growth.”

Wyatt McCarron is the sixth grade male Student of the Month. Wyatt’s teachers said Wyatt is a role model to others in being able to choose kind in all life situations. Being polite is just part of who he is and how he treats others. He actively participates in class and does a nice job on his work. The said they can always count on him to do the right thing whether anyone is watching or not. Daily he does what he needs to do with a sweet disposition and without being involved in any kind of drama. His teacher said, “It has been a true pleasure to have Wyatt in our classes, and we are more than proud to have him.”

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