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Tue, Sept. 22

Letter: Shame on you for not wearing a mask in public

I continue to be mystified by why there are some in our community who believe that it is somehow their God given and/or constitutional right to forgo wearing a mask during this pandemic. While some people truly believe they have a right not to wear a mask even if it leads to their own infection and possible death, the fact is these people have no right to do that.

These “head in the sand," civil liberty fanatics do not have the right to infect the EMT and ambulance drivers who end up rushing them to the hospital after the get sick: they do not have the right to infect the ER nurses and doctors and the respiratory therapist who has to in intubate them and possibly put them on a ventilator to save their life (one of the highest risk medical procedures). They do not have the right to walk around without a mask even though they may be asymptomatic and infect my spouse, my children or my grandchildren. What about their rights?

The non-mask wearer does not have the right to infect our elderly, or our neighbors who have pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, heart disease, cancer or diabetes. These people do not live by themselves on a deserted island, and by insisting on some ill-conceived notion of their own self-worth, their insistence to flout their “rights’ at the risk of other’s, is selfish and puts our community at risk. Don’t we all have the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Shame on you for not wearing a mask in public.

Patrick Lucus,

William resident

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