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Sat, Jan. 16

Williams Elementary-Middle School announces May Students of the Month

Williams Elementary-Middle School recently announced the May Students of the Month. (WEMS/photo)

Williams Elementary-Middle School recently announced the May Students of the Month. (WEMS/photo)

WILLIAMS, Ariz. — Williams Elementary-Middle School recently announced its March Students of the Month (SOM). Students are nominated by their teacher.

The kindergarten SOM is Skye Fowler. Skye is a wonderful student who SOARS every day in class. She is safe in the classroom and hallways, stays on-task during class time, shows accountability through her work and great behavior, is respectful to her classmates and teachers, and always supportive of others. She loves to learn, is kind and caring, and always does the right thing! She is a great example to others because of the SOARing behavior she exhibits every day at school. Great job, Skye.

The first grade SOM is Mila Canedo. Mila is a great help in the classroom. She is always supportive and willing to help someone else, even before she is asked. She has a very caring heart. Mila is a very responsible student. She always does her homework and works hard in class. She has a very curious mind. Her teacher can always count on Mila to add input in class discussions. She is respectful of others and accountable for her behavior. Her teacher says that it has been a joy to have her in class this year. Mila will be a great second grader next year.

The second grade SOM is Cameron Meade. Cameron has been working hard this year and it shows. He has improved on his fluency and his sight words. He stays on task and finishes the assignment, even if his friends are trying to distract him. He is supportive to all his classmates. He finishes his homework every week and attends homework club. Cameron is a falcon who soars every day and His teacher is am very happy he is in her classroom.

The third grade SOM is Ava Burrell. Ava is a good example to those around her. She often has some good thoughts for the class to share about behavior problems that arise and she is confident enough to stand up for herself and lead others in the right direction. Ava is an amazing artist and is also improving areas she had struggled with in the past. Ava has been a pleasure to have in class.

The fourth grade SOM is Jayln Cooke. Jayln has earned SOM because of her amazing work ethic and friendly personality. Jayln is a polite and kindhearted young lady. She is organized, honest, diligent and self-accountable which allows her to achieve higher than the classroom level of expectations. Jayln has been doing an excellent job of reaching toward her goals and attempts homework even when difficult. She has improved in her math since the beginning of the school year. She always gives her best efforts and always tries to make progress.

The fifth grade SOM is Elizabeth Ortiz. Elizabeth has come a long way academically this year in all subjects. Elizabeth learned that through hard work and perseverance you can improve your grades in all subjects. Elizabeth is always willing to lend a helping hand with absolutely everything, whether it is helping out a fellow student who may be struggling in a subject or just pitching in to tidy the classroom, you can always count on her to be the first one to volunteer to help out. She also has shown a great deal of maturity this year because she takes responsibility to stay on top of her school work and tries her best at all times.

Information provided by Williams Elementary-Middle School

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