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Fri, Aug. 19

Two arrested as Saturday night bar fight spills onto Route 66

WILLIAMS, Ariz. — Downtown Williams looked like something from a Wild West show Saturday night as a bar fight at the Canyon Club spilled out into the street.

According to Williams Police Chief Herman Nixon, Chris Bulechek of Bellemont and Brian Gilleard of Parks were arrested for disorderly conduct and assault.

Nixon said officers responded to a report of a fight involving 10-12 people at the bar around 7:30 p.m. June 22.

Responding officers determined the fight was between the two men and a group of visitors who were camping in the nearby forest.

“It was all fueled by alcohol, drinking — and they got stupid,” Nixon said.

Nixon said the two men got into a verbal altercation with the group and began throwing punches.

“They started punching people and the crowd kind of threw them out of the bar,” Nixon said. “It wasn’t that big of deal, just a bar fight.”

The two men were escorted out of the bar by the crowd, but returned to the bar through a back door.

“Those two came around to the back door and sucker-punched a couple people in there,” he said.

Nixon said the fight was not related to those involved with Cowpuncher’s Reunion Rodeo which was in Williams June 21-23.

“Nobody to do with Cowpuncher’s was involved,” he said. “It involved some people who come up here every year to camp, and the two people out of Parks got drunk and were mouthing off.”

Nixon said four to five Williams police officers responded along with two Life Line ambulances.

Two people sustained minor injuries, but no one was transported for medical issues.

“One person, who wasn’t part of the fight, cut his hand when he was trying to get out of there and one of the suspects lost a tooth,” Nixon said.

Nixon said three people were assaulted, but only one decided to prosecute.

“They weren’t from here and didn’t want to come back up for court, they weren’t seriously hurt,” Nixon said. “But one got sucker-punched pretty good and wasn’t happy about it. He prosecuted.”

Officers cleared the scene around 10 p.m.

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