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Tue, May 26

Golden Deeds award winners recognized for their service

Nominees for the Golden Deeds awards include: Kathy Young, Pat Shane, Lily Vazquez (standing in for Mario), Vetta Martinez, Theresa Sansky, Laura Pulvermacher, Connie Nicoson and Pete Castro. Not pictured: Carol Delander, Bud Parenteau and Barb Parenteau. (Wendy Howell/WGCN)

Nominees for the Golden Deeds awards include: Kathy Young, Pat Shane, Lily Vazquez (standing in for Mario), Vetta Martinez, Theresa Sansky, Laura Pulvermacher, Connie Nicoson and Pete Castro. Not pictured: Carol Delander, Bud Parenteau and Barb Parenteau. (Wendy Howell/WGCN)

WILLIAMS, Ariz. — Williams residents were introduced to a number of people doing great things for their town and community Saturday night at the inaugural Golden Deeds Awards at the Williams Senior Center.

The banquet consisted of a community dinner, followed by an introduction of the nominees and a reading of the good deeds.

Rob Krombeen, Andrea Dunn and Kerry-Lynn Moede presented awards to four nominees. The recipients of the Golden Deeds Youth awards went to Vetta Martinez and Mario Vazquez. The recipients for the Golden Deeds adult awards went to Pete Castro, Cookie Nicoson, and Bud and Barb Parenteau.

The presenters awarded the winners but also recognized the numerous nominees for the good works they have done in the community. These include:

Kathy Young

Young was nominated for an award for helping a family in need last Christmas. The person nominating her said Young had taken it upon herself to discreetly find a family in need. She encouraged her church congregation to adopt the family for Christmas and found the individual needs of each family member. She discovered what size clothing the children wore and found their special interests. Each family member received clothing, games, bedding, special treats and food for a complete Christmas dinner. The family was surprised and the children were thrilled.

Theresa Samsky

Samsky is the vice-president at the Williams Senior Center and was nominated for her work at the center. The eight people nominating Samsky said she goes beyond what is expected and provides transportation to any senior who doesn’t have a vehicle or can’t drive. She takes them to stores, the doctor or any other place needed. For example, Samsky selflessly drove a senior back and forth to the hospital last week without hesitation. She regularly helps the seniors with transportation and anything else they need.

Pat Sloane

The person nominating Sloane said she has gone above and beyond to help a friend with multiple sclerosis. As her friend battles the painful and debilitating disease, Sloane assists anyway possible. Sloane knows her friend enjoys shopping, so Sloane has regularly taken her shopping in Flagstaff. Getting around is difficult with MS, so Sloane made an effort to help her still enjoy her favorite pastime. The friend has since moved, but Sloane still regularly keeps in touch with her by phone.

Vetta Martinez

Vetta Martinez is a third grade student at Williams Elementary-Middle School. Vetta was nominated for a Golden Deeds award by 20 members of the senior center. They said Vetta spends a large portion of her time at the Williams Senior Center visiting with the seniors in her spare time. The members said having Vetta at the center has made a big impact on their lives and she is a joy to have around. She plays chess and Wii bowling with them. The members look at her like a member of the family and she treats them the same way. She is respectful and helpful to the seniors. They said they love Vetta and she helps keep them young.

Laura Pulvermacher

Although Pulvermacher is just a summer resident in Williams, the person nominating her said she has made a big impact on the community. Pulvermacher works hard but doesn’t do it for the recognition. She does things for the community because she genuinely likes the people. She helps people through tough times – passing out her jams and jellies to locales and stepping in when a hand is needed. Although she doesn’t attend St. Joseph’s Church, she is at every First Friday Community Dinner, either in the kitchen or in front of the counter helping serve people. She is at the Run for the Wall events, the veterans events and helps in the parades. She got her food handlers certificate specifically to help serve and take the pressure of the regular serves during these events. She wants to pitch in because helping others makes her happy.

Carol Delander

Delander was nominated for her work with a senior member of the Williams community. The person nominating Delander said she helps people every day and is a positive force in their lives. Delander often visits Mickey Nord, who is 100 years old. She brings good cheer and support as well as a message from Nord’s church. She takes the time to bring or send sweet notes, cards and even present Nord, which helps tremendously. It is sincerely appreciated since Nord is housebound and cannot leave the house on her own without a great effort from others. The person nominating said there are many fine friends in Williams, but Delander is at the head of the pack.

Mario Vazquez

Mario ia a high school student who often visits his grandmother at the Williams Senior Center. The person nominating said Mario helps his grandmother at the senior center whenever she needs him and gives his hand to anyone in need. She said she overheard Mario talking to his grandmother about his injured dog. She found out that Mario had saved over $500 to pay for surgery for his dog. She knows Mario works hard for his money. He has worked a variety of jobs since he was 13 years old, and currently has three jobs. She said most boys his age would be saving for a car, but Mario took his hard earned money and put it toward his dog. Mario is also a straight ‘A’ student at Williams High School and a member of the football and baseball teams.

Pete Castro

Castro works as the Meals on Wheels driver at the Williams Senior Center. There were two nominations for Castro. The people nominating Castro said he approaches every client as a personal friend and always has a good word to say. He know when to encourage those who are feeling down. Castrol also helps around the senior center with whatever need to be done. If anyone asks him for assistance, he does not hesitate. Castro is a veteran who served in the 82nd Airborne as a paratrooper and serves with the American Legion. He is a fixture at community events and parades where he cooks burgers and hot dogs on the grill. He take his jobs seriously and all his clients love him.

Cookie Nicoson

Nicoson is a quiet volunteer who sneaks around town doing good things. The person who nominated Nicoson said she can be found cleaning up town whether its trash, weeds or weed whacking. She donates anonymously to several non-profits and has bought many items at charity auctions and them given them away to someone who needs it. She is just nice to everyone and smiles all the time.

Bud and Barb Parenteau

Bud and Barb Parenteau are fixtures in the Williams volunteer community. They selflessly give their time to just about every organization in town. This includes Habitat for Humanity, the Williams schools, Little League, Kiwanis and many other groups and organizations. Whenever there is a need they are the first to show up. When there is a fundraiser, they are there. Bud and Barb are as closest to royalty as you can get in our community. They have devoted their time, their encouragement and their love of the community to everyone here in Williams.

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