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Sun, Aug. 09

Grand Canyon's South Rim under Level 2 water restrictions

Photo by Loretta McKenney.

GRAND CANYON, Ariz - Grand Canyon National Park implemented Level 2 water conservation measures Oct. 3 after a series of breaks in the Transcanyon Waterline.

Who is affected in the Inner Canyon?

North Kaibab Trail:

-Supai Tunnel - water

-Manzanita Day Use Area - no water

-Cottonwood - no water

-Phantom Ranch - maintain pipeline break Water Conservation measures

-Upper - low pressure water supplied by water storage tanks (Tanks are low, but may be able to re-fill Friday morning)

-Delta - no water

It is anticipated that Phantom tanks may be able to be re-filled Friday morning once the system is flushed and pressure started to build in the pipeline

Bright Angel Trail:

-Indian Gardens- yes it has water - being supplied by the tanks off the South Rim

-Three Mile Resthouse - yes it has water

-Mile and a Half Resthouse - yes it has water

Until park staff repairs the break and water in storage tanks reaches sustainable levels, the park will remain in conservation mode.

Under Level 2 water restrictions, the park and its partners have been able to conserve water by serving water by request only, adopting low water-use methods to clean hotel rooms, and practicing basic water conservation measures at home and work. Park businesses have also installed low-flow appliances, which assist with water conservation efforts year-round. Some ways residents and visitors can continue to help conserve water are to limit showers to five minutes or less, turn the faucet off while shaving or brushing teeth, selectively flush the toilet, wash laundry with full loads, and report leaks to appropriate offices. Residents are also reminded to use non- potable water for plants and lawns and to not fill large-capacity water tanks in the park.

Drinking water is available at the following inner canyon locations: Phantom Ranch, Bright Angel Campground, Indian Garden, Mile and a Half, and Three Mile rest houses. The South Rim water bottle filling stations- including those at the South Kaibab and Bright Angel trailheads- are turned off. Hikers in the backcountry should plan to carry all their water or methods to treat water. More information is available at for more hiking information.

The public can call (928) 638-7688 to listen to a recorded message with updates and additional information about current water restrictions at Grand Canyon's South Rim.

Grand Canyon National Park has a large and complex water utility system that provides water to more than 6 million annual visitors in addition to the 2,500 residents that live in the park.

Information provided by NPS

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