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Fri, Aug. 19

Letter to the editor: Make your future matter

Commencement exercises for you will be held in Grand Canyon National Park May 25, 2018. 

Commencement means the start of something new; thus, you are starting a bigger, more dynamic period of your life.  You will now move on into adulthood where decisions become more difficult, more demanding and more lasting. Some of you are going to one of the many colleges and universities across the United States, some of you are going to work in a chosen field. 

Whatever direction you elect to travel, make your life matter. To matter means that you choose a life path and life style that makes a difference to those closest to you, to those who trust and love you.

Your future may hold high political or professional expectations, your future may be living and working in the Grand Canyon area... regardless of where your future takes you or what your future holds, matter.

I lose count of the number of classes I have had walk across a graduation stage; but, I submit that the Grand Canyon High School Class of 2018 is a very special class.  You are a team.  You love leadership.  You have a unique personality.  You enjoy one another and take care of one another.  You are a delight to know.

On commencement, make a pledge.  Commit to make the Class of 2018 the best ever.


Tom Rowland

Principal, Grand Canyon School

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