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Tue, Aug. 09

AzMERIT scores released for area schools

The Arizona Department of Education released the final AzMERIT statewide assessment for all Arizona schools to the public Sept. 6.

Williams Unified School District (WUSD) showed improvement over previous year scores in some grade levels and some losses in others.

WUSD students were above the state average passing rates for fourth grade English, fifth grade math, eighth grade English, ninth grade English and 10th grade math.

WUSD fourth graders had a 61 percent passing rate in English as compared to the state average of 49 percent. The schools fifth graders also excelled, with 58 percent of the students passing as compared to the state’s 48 percent.

Williams High School geometry students surpassed the state average with a 40 percent passing rate when compared to the state average of 33 percent. Williams’ ninth graders also surpassed the state average for English at 38 percent when compared to the state’s 36 percent.

One of the biggest differences between the state and WUSD pass rates was in third grade with 47 percent of Arizona students and 29 percent of WUSD students passing math and 44 percent of Arizona students and 31 percent of WUSD students passing English.

WUSD seventh graders were well below the state average of 34, with just 17 percent of the WUSD students passing the math test.

Maine Consolidated School fourth and fifth graders had 62 percent pass the math test as compared to the 47 and 48 percent state average.

Grand Canyon fourth graders excelled in English with 57 percent passing when compared to the state average of 49. They also excelled in geometry and Algebra II where 62 and 71 percent passed the test when compared to the state average of 33 and 34 percent.

Ash Fork schools excelled in several areas including third grade math and English, sixth grade math, seventh grade math and English and all levels of high school testing. Ash Fork’s lowest passing rates were in eighth grade math.


2017 AzMERIT scores

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