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Letter to the editor: Williams schools not affiliated with flier, ask voters to vote yes on override

Dear Williams voters,

Please be aware that there is an orange flier circulating around the area appealing to patriotic parents to vote against the school district override. I have no idea who is circulating this flier as they do not acknowledge who they are or sponsor it in any public way. They are mimicking a flier that teachers circulated advocating for the school district override. We went door to door talking to voters and answering any questions by voters.

Our flier was sponsored by the Williams Education Association of which I am the president. I would like to address the falsehoods cited in the flier.

One, board meetings are always public. The public is invited to listen to facts about the budget or address any concerns they have. A group of veterans brought concerns, which were brought to them, to the administration and the school board. The administration investigated their concerns thoroughly and spoke to the group at a school board meeting. No police presence was needed. Whoever wrote the flier was obviously not at the meeting he or she was so passionate about. The discussion was very civil and respectful and all sides had an opportunity to speak.

Standards taught at the high school are mandated by the state. They include current events. Islamic studies is part of a study of five major world religions in world history. Students rise and say the pledge every morning and are never publicly "browbeaten," Williams High School (WHS) is currently leading the area high schools in test scores and their state letter grade. Students in Williams are proud of their school, their community and their country.

Our superintendent encouraged patriotic veterans to participate in the high school Veteran's Day program and our school board president thanked veterans for coming to the meeting. Please exercise your rights as a voter and an American to investigate rumors you hear, come to school board meetings and keep yourself informed. Be suspicious of anyone who is not willing to make themselves public.

My name is Natalie Mann and I am a Williams voter, a kindergarten teacher and a proud parent of two WHS valedictorians. I ask that you support our students and give them the programs they deserve to succeed in the United States of America. Vote yes on our district override. It will not increase your taxes but only continues to support the programs we have now.

Natalie Mann, President, Williams Education Association

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