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Tue, Feb. 18

Letter to the Editor: Pets deserve better treatment

In light of the cold and snowy weather we have experienced lately it is absolutely unbelievable that some of the people in town own dogs and other animals and leave them exposed to the extreme temperatures.

The poor animals get chained or left outside and have no way to get their body heat up to an acceptable level. Why do you even have dogs when you don’t interact with them and they are forced to live in solitude? We as a community can make a difference. If you work with these people or maybe you are their boss or a friend or neighbor, you can speak up and tell them it is not humane to continue to do this.

As a child, we didn’t even have seatbelts in our cars but as time changed newer cars began to have seatbelts. In a big controversy they passed a seatbelt law and I remember thinking “I can understand making a law for it to be mandatory to have children wear a seatbelt (because some people do not have the good judgment to keep them safe), but the adults should be able to choose for themselves after all it is their body.” My question is why don’t we have a law to keep these beautiful creatures, our pets, safe? They aren’t able to choose for themselves and are put at the mercy of some ignorant humans.

Those of us who do feel our animals are a part of our family are forced to watch these animals suffer through a fence. I was talking to one of our council members about how upsetting it is for us and they said “It’s been that way for 40 years.” Why have we not evolved in this aspect as human beings?

To those of you who continue to neglect and cause suffering to your animals, let someone who does care adopt them. There are many resources in Williams to help find a family that will care for them and love them. Our police department has an Animal Control Officer and there is a local animal rescue “Save Meant to Rescue” (you can contact them at (928) 635-4726 — they will help with dog houses, finding a new home for your animal, help transport a dog house, etc.). Williams also has a community Facebook page. Please, please, please consider letting someone who would give them a warm loving home adopt them.


Tracey Cerami

Williams resident

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