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Letter: NFL football players disrespectful to the flag

This is important to all veteran and football fans.

What gives a few players the right to be disrespectful to America when all they have ever done is to stay home and make a lot of money?

Their behavior is disrespectful to all vets and their families, especially during the 9/11 weekend.

In Arizona, a player with a great future gave up everything to defend America and the flag. Unfortunately, he lost his life. I hope all vets and fans boycott any team that allows this behavior. I, as a vet and fan, will never watch another 49ers or Rams game again. I wish the cards could do the same, however, it is time we, as citizens, make our statement. The best we can do is hurt those players’ pocketbooks.

We hear this crap that what we fight for is to give people the right of free expression. I guarantee no man or woman goes to war expecting this behavior.

These players could give up some of their wealth to promote change, of course along with money it would take common sense and intelligence.

After seeing how many players embrace this despicable behavior, I have given up all football and I hope other Americans will make their voices heard.

Gary Clay

Williams resident

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