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City Council says no to rodeo grounds for SAVE- MTR

To the editor:

Well, here we go again. As of Sept. 12, the council unanimously voted to give us back the original property at the rodeo grounds. We were ecstatic as a group who for eight years put in every effort to see this project completed and hundreds of supporters who have backed the idea of making it a safer and better world for our abandoned (for whatever reason) dogs.

We are hoping, as a small community full of animal lovers, to set an example that we have evolved as a city to care enough to fix the situation. At the original site at the rodeo grounds we know we could pay for the site work construction of a building and fencing for this project, which this community has contributed to for years.

We are there — we are ready. As of Sept. 22, the minutes stood and were approved. In October we paid for the final blue prints — they are done.

A gentleman from Mesa is coming up to help with the survey, attach it to our new lease and we have put in for our building permit. Our plan was to put a huge picture of it in the paper to show all.

However, through the grapevine, I was told that they were not going to honor the city minutes. I did get ahold of the city manager last Friday and he said they had taken the property back and were putting us back by the cell phone tower property. So at this point it is a mess.

All of us are shocked, volunteers and contributors, that in spite of under allegiance to the flag, and prayers to God and oath of office to uphold honesty at the Sept. 12, 2016 city council meeting, that somehow behind closed doors this event happened.

Please bear with us because as a group for a worthy cause and hundreds of supporters offering advice and battle plans, we will get it done.

Thank you.

Robynn Eckel President and Founder SAVE-Meant to Rescue

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