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Sun, April 18

It's time to take down holiday decorations

To the editor:

This Christmas season was a great success for the city of Williams. Many houses took part in decorating and adding to the charm of the city for the thousands of visitors who would begin their trip to the North Pole from here.

Many families were able to drive around and enjoy the lights during the season, but that time has now passed. Thank you to the residents who have already taken down their holiday decorations, and to those who have not yet taken them down, please do so while the weather is still nice.

Holiday lighting is meant only for temporary lighting, and is not designed for long term use. The casing of the wires get cracked and brittle, and could become a fire hazard.

According to the National Electric Code, temporary holiday lighting is only allowed to be used for a maximum of 90 days. Not only is it a possible fire hazard, but it is also visually unappealing to be driving around in the spring and see icicle lights hanging from a home. We all want Williams to look nice for the visitors who make our town a travel destination.

As our city vision states, "Williams is a desirable, livable, and sustainable place where you want to live, work, and play." By keeping up with local ordinances, we can all do our part to keep the vision a reality.

Daniel Gordon

Williams City Code Enforcement

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