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Mon, Jan. 25

Water sales station proposed for Garland Prairie area

WILLIAMS, Ariz. - Randy Feucht from Running Water presented a proposal to open a water hauling facility on city property to Williams city council members Nov. 12. Feucht would like to lease the property, which is located near Tranquility Lane and Garland Prairie Road across from the Williams Feed and Pet store.

Feucht said the proposed facility would service residents in the Woods and Sherwood Forest subdivisions, and the Deer Farm area.

"It would be a 20,000 gallon tank and I would haul water from Bellemont to that facility," Feucht said. "People would have a vending machine and could come and get their water there."

Feucht said if the proposal goes through, he anticipates selling 5,000 gallons of water per day at a rate of about 2.5 cents per gallon.

Williams City Manager Brandon Buchanan said the city had not yet started the process of soliciting bids or other proposals. He said he wanted to present the idea to the council for discussion prior to any formal proceedings.

Councilman Don Dent asked about sales tax considerations. Council members determined the property is within city limits and thus subject to sales tax.

Dent also wondered how that would affect the current sale of city water to certain county residents.

"We have had a preliminary discussion about this and the amount water and revenue is relatively minor," Buchanan said. "In terms of undercutting our sales business, I'm not terribly concerned about it. If anything, it's less water that we have to sell outside the community."

Councilman Frank McNelly was concerned about the present condition of Garland Prairie Road and the effect additional traffic would have on the road.

"It's been notoriously bad all the way out to the railroad tracks," McNelly said. "We need to look at school busses, snow plows and all of those things."

Buchanan said the council could address that when the proposal is submitted. He said if council members decided to proceed, he would open the bidding process and solicit proposals for the 30 days.

Feucht said if his proposal is accepted he would place the tank on a concrete pad. The tank would be self-contained with internal pumps and there would be no pump house. He would bring in a lot of road base and design an entrance and exit that would allow traffic to come in one direction and exit to the highway. He said if everything goes as planned he could have the station operating by early spring.

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