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Tue, June 02

New pre-historic fiction novel by local author excavates ancient cultures

Local author Nancy R. Green recently debuted her first pre-historic novel, "On the Brink of Shards." Loretta Yerian/WGCN

Local author Nancy R. Green recently debuted her first pre-historic novel, "On the Brink of Shards." Loretta Yerian/WGCN

GRAND CANYON, Ariz. - Corruption, global climate changes, overpopulation, political upheaval and over indulgent cultures are issues discussed in the new novel "On the Brink of Shards."

While it may sound like the author is writing a topical book about the global predicaments of today, local author Nancy Rivest Green is actually digging deep into the heart of America's pre-historic past.

"It's a pre-historic adventure novel," Green said. "But I wanted to show the similarities between these ancient cultures and what we're experiencing right now in terms of drought, overpopulation and over use of our resource and how fragile our landscape is and how easily it can be disturbed."

Green said she also wanted to show how cultures, modern or ancient, react under stress.

Green's original title for the novel was "Brink," but encouraged by fellow author Gary McCarthy, Green decided to expand the ideas.

"I wanted to call it "Brink" because the cultures are on the brink of collapse, one of the characters is on the brink of love and on the brink of becoming a woman," Green explained. "All the characters are on the brink of journeys and adventure. So it was and is a novel about being on the brink of many things."

The novel follows several characters including Kaiya, a young woman living in the ancient southwest over one thousand years ago.

Having lived in many of Arizona's national parks and monuments, Green felt up to the task of researching and writing a novel from a pre-historic time period.

Born in Massachusetts, Green's family moved to Arizona when she was in high school. Green had found her home in the deserts and high country of Arizona.

After graduating from the University of Arizona in Tucson she married Keith Green an interpretive ranger in the National Park system.

Following her husband's job in Walnut Canyon and Grand Canyon National Park, Green continued to fall in love with the southwest.

However, with a full time job as a special education teacher and school librarian at Grand Canyon School, Green didn't have a lot of time to write.

She was able to write three short stories on various topics that were published in "Northern Arizona Author's Association Collected Works, Volume II."

After spending 16 years as an award winning teacher and librarian at Grand Canyon School, Green retired in 2008.

Green enjoyed her retirement and in 2010 started writing.

"It was a wonderful life," Green said about living at the Grand Canyon. "But it wasn't a life conducive to being an author. When I retired I started working on writing this novel, even though little thoughts and snippets had been floating through my head for years."

After four years of research and writing, Green finished "On the Brink of Shards."

Hailed by reviewers as an adventure tale and page turner, "On the Brink of Shards" waits to be explored.

The novel is Green's first pre-historic fiction novel.

Green hopes to do more literary writing in the future and is currently working on a non-fiction book featuring stories concerning nature and animals.

"On the Brink of Shards" is currently available on or from her website in both print and kindle format.

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