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Sun, Sept. 19

Williams High school students to learn using iPads next school year
Thanks to $39,836 in grant money available to rural communities, science students to use 50 iPads inside and outside classroom

One of two iPad carts Williams High School students will use this school year. Each cart holds 25 iPads. Ryan Williams/WGCN

One of two iPad carts Williams High School students will use this school year. Each cart holds 25 iPads. Ryan Williams/WGCN

WILLIAMS, Ariz. - Williams High School (WHS) students will benefit from increased technology in their science classrooms this coming school year, thanks to a grant from Science Foundation Arizona.

After applying for the grant, WHS science teacher Jessica Heisley found out at the end of April that the school would receive $39,836 to buy 50 iPads for students to use in science classes.

The grants were only available to rural communities. About 50 schools applied for funding, and 10 received grant money.

The grant money will pay for two iPad carts with 25 iPads each, cases, keyboards, a poster printer and GPS units. Heisley expects the equipment to arrive in the next few weeks.

Once the equipment arrives, both the environmental science/biology and physical science/chemistry classrooms will have their own iPad labs.

"So every single student will have access to these through their science classes, which will be pretty neat," Heisley said.

She added that the students will be able to use the iPads out in the field.

"A lot of science now they're really trying to push students doing their own research and once they've done labs comparing their results to results out in the real world," she said. "So that's kind of the new push and so this will make it really easy for our science students to be able to do scientific research and compare their results to other scientists."

The iPads will also be useful for showing simulations and doing global positions system and geographic information system activities. Additionally, students will be able to share projects they are working on on their iPad with the rest of the class by projecting it on a large screen.

By using an instructor's iPad, Heisley will be able to give students electronic quizzes or other assignments. The students can then turn in the assignments electronically and Heisley can send students their grades through the iPads as well.

The Science iPad Labs at WHS were provided in memory of Joyce Marley Corrigan with funding from the Kemper and Ethel Marley Foundation and Science Foundation Arizona.

"They donated this money just for science technology, so it's pretty neat," Heisley said.

More information about Science Foundation Arizona is available at

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