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Thu, Jan. 23

Letter: Common sense and courtesy could go a long way when it comes to downtown parking

To the editor:

You don't need to live in Williams long or be a genius to realize that we don't have enough parking downtown. But that did not stop Oscar and Amy Fredrickson from purchasing and improving the Grand Canyon Hotel on the corner of Route 66 and Second Street. While I would say the improvements to the building are positive, the owners...not so much.

If you read the "Downtown Parking Ordinance" article from the July 23 Williams-Grand Canyon News, the Fredricksons would have you believe that parking is an ongoing issue for their 27 rooms, but they failed to tell you about the private parking lot with approximately 12 spaces that is right behind the hotel. They have more private parking than any other business on the block but still manage to be right in the middle of the "issues." Why are they always in the middle of the issues? Well to start, partly because the Fredricksons don't understand that some common sense, courtesy and a little decency to their neighbors would help to ease the parking problems; and partly because the Fredricksons don't play nice.

You don't have to work far from the GC Hotel to know about the battle that they have had for several years with another businessman on this same block of Route 66. That's why I thought it was funny that Amy Fredrickson could tell you how many tickets have been issued on their block in the last two years but she seemed "shocked" when her husband was arrested and cuffed.

The article only addresses the Fredrickson's "issues" on the 100 block of Route 66, but let me give you an idea of some the "issues" they have on the Second Street side of the GC Hotel. They harass the only private resident on this block as he tries to save one parking spot in front of his home. They were one of the main complainers that helped get all the tractors moved from their annual Fourth of July location this year. They are now working on trying to get the Christmas tree moved from its traditional location. And they have left two of their GC Hotel vehicles parked directly at the front door of Farm Bureau Insurance for almost one month now.

You see, the Fredricksons don't play nice at all. In fact, on July 3, Oscar was heard yelling at Councilman Don Dent about parking right before he and Amy promptly parked three of their GC Hotel vehicles directly in front of the door to his business, with two of those vehicles that have now not moved in 30 days and counting.

All this they did to a man who has offered the four parking spaces from his building to the Fredricksons for guest parking after his hours and on weekends. A man who has taken much time from his own business to listen to the complaints of the Fredricksons and the same man who now has to watch as some of his older clients are forced to take a longer walk to his office all because he is being "punished" by the Fredricksons because of their "ongoing parking issues."

I don't know about you all but where I come from that's immature, mean and totally uncalled for. I'm tired of going to my work only to see a run down, windshield busted, fire hazard GC Hotel boom truck with questionably acquired ADOT cones in the back parked directly in front of our door. I mean seriously Oscar and Amy, you won't look any of us in the eye so...what gives? You win? You've blocked your councilman's place of business for a month. You got publicity by getting an article in the "village" newspaper that mentions your names and business. You got the parking ordinance back on the city council agenda. What more do you want? Move the vehicles please; you're ruining the view from the porch.

It's a shame that part time business people like the Fredricksons have to cling to a technicality of a city ordinance in order to make themselves appear to be victims of the parking problems. They are at the heart of many parking issues on this block.

Brandi White


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