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Tue, April 20

Letter: School bus is painted and ready for Halloween

To the editor:

Well, school will start soon again, and we will see the buses out in the streets. I don't think too many people noticed one of the latest white buses that Williams High School had last year to transport the players for out of town games. Anyway it's white with orange and black lettering. The more I saw that bus throughout the year the worse it looked. In fact, I saw it just before Halloween. I thought it was painted like that for Halloween to go "trick or treat." The colors are great for that day.

The rest of the story. I think if the school had parked that bus overnight at the railroad tracks, the graffiti artist would have done a better job. Have any of you local people ever noticed all of the signs that are painted on the boxcars while the trains go through town at the railroad crossing? Boy, that is good artwork on the boxcars. I sure enjoy watching the trains go by. I like them better than TV.

I think that bus was painted on a stormy night when a lightning storm hit. The Viking on that bus looks like Yosemite Sam the cartoon. The lettering looks like lightning when it hits a tree. Well, of course, I don't know anything about signs.

Perico Avila

Williams, Ariz.

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