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Thu, Jan. 28

Letter: Our values have been lost the last 30 years

To the editor:

Our children only know what we teach them. America is in a moral freefall. America's on a rapidly descending spiral. America without God - an America that has forgotten what our founding fathers mean when they warned that only a virtuous people could remain free. If that statement is accurate, and history has consistently validated it, then we are living in the twilight of our liberty.

As always when a culture begins to unravel, it is the youngest members who are most wounded and disturbed. This is not the kids' problem; it's the way we're raising them today. They only know what you and I teach them. Where did we go wrong?

At least some of the answers can be found in the radical notions that have emerged in the last 30 years.

Judges, with the acquiescence of our legislators, have made it illegal for our schools to post the Ten Commandments. It is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous for students to pray together on school campuses. Meanwhile, it is easier for a man or woman to obtain a divorce than to escape from an automobile lease agreement.

Federal authorities decline to prosecute hardcore pornographers. The government spends billions to promote "safe sex" ideology in our schools and officials hand out condoms and pills to kids who assume they're expected to use them. Laws protecting children from indecent material on the Internet are struck down by justices to protect the right of adults to market pornography.

The "entertainment" industry glorifies violence and sexual exploitation, while pop music pays tribute to the killing of police. But our own leaders don't seem to comprehend what is happening. It's time we all pulled together - Americans of every political party and religious faith - to recover a sense of what God wants us to do for our nation.

Let's begin by giving priority to our children. Let's put the welfare of our boys and girls ahead of our own convenience and teach them the difference between right and wrong. They need to hear that God's the author of their rights and liberties.

Radical individualism is destroying us. Let's vow together, today, to set for our children the highest standards of ethics and morality and to protect them from evil and death. America can't be perfect, but it can be better.

Beverly Allen

Williams, Ariz.

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