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Thu, July 02

Council candidate offers different perspective

To All Tusayan, Grand Canyon, Valle and Coconino County Residents,

I am writing this letter to respond to both Mayor Greg Bryan's and Elling Halvorson's recent letters in the Grand Canyon News.

The Development Agreement with the Stilo Group that both Mayor Bryan and his employer, Elling Halvorson, support is not an answer to housing. What do the voters of Tusayan think they are getting? How many have even seen the document? Section 6 (b)-(e) provides only that Stilo intends to provide a housing product "that includes market rate entry level housing at prices consistent with or below other parts of Coconino County." Never once does it include an amount. Further they only have to do this for five years from the earliest certificate of occupancy! Right now this provision is essentially unenforceable, as one "affordable" home would technically comply with the provision. The Tusayan Town Council did nothing to set minimums here. Stilo either doesn't know what they are doing, or, they know exactly what they are doing by promising things for your vote that they never have to deliver on.

The Arizona Corporation Commission has recently rejected Stilo's Certificate of Convenience and Necessity application for water. The letter speaks for itself about the care they have taken with the important water issue. If you would like to view the insufficiency letter you can do so at

Mayor Bryan mentions the silent majority speaking out for their own future, yet every person I have heard speak publicly to the Town Council about their poor housing is working for a company of Elling Halvorson. Now, he wants to give $250,000 after the May 15 vote, and the Mayor is promoting the idea as the mayor. What a perverse use of the position.

Mr. Halvorson is the largest employer in Tusayan. Why hasn't Mr. Halvorson been improving his housings all along and why does he charge more than most every company in the area? He has had the residential land in Tusayan to build more housing for many years. How can their employees trust them now to suddenly care or follow though with anything? The quality of housing on Halvorson and Stilo properties is not something that my family controls. Those companies make tens of millions dollars a year, so it is curious as to why there is any issue with the quality of the housing they provide. My family's company makes a tiny, tiny income in comparison. We are fighting giants. Why? Because we care for the area and know that Arizona needs environmentally and economically sustainable growth.

Mayor Bryan and Mr. Halvorson only seem to go above and beyond when they are attacking those that oppose them. Many people don't think Tusayan needs retail space, three quarters the size of the Mall of America, on the doorsteps of the Grand Canyon.

We need a town council that makes them put their money where there mouth is. How can we help end this situation in Tusayan? By electing people that don't receive their paycheck from a Halvorson or Stilo company. Let's govern Tusayan with honesty and integrity. Let's do incorporation the right way and get real housing solutions that also protect the environment. Our community can be improved without destroying nature's perfect work next door.

I promise to deliver housing and a great community to you without selling my soul or selling out.

Thank you,

Clarinda Vail

Tusayan Council Candidate

(928) 638-0624

P.O. Box 1427

Grand Canyon, AZ


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