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Fri, Sept. 24

Business Beat: CommSpeed brings Williams next generation of wireless with 4G
Arizona-based Internet

Lynda Duffy/WGCN<br>
Michael Merrill of CommSpeed stands in front of a tower, which supports Commspeed’s 4G technology.

Lynda Duffy/WGCN<br> Michael Merrill of CommSpeed stands in front of a tower, which supports Commspeed’s 4G technology.

WILLIAMS - When it comes to technology, rural areas such as Williams are typically the last to receive upgraded services. When it comes to wireless, high speed Internet, this is not the case. CommSpeed has served Williams for nearly five years, and now offers 4G technology - the latest standard in mobile broadband.

Michael Merrill, Flagstaff general manager, visited Williams Rotarians Feb. 24 to explain the benefits of 4G. With CommSpeed 4G, customers can enjoy broadband download speeds of up to 6 Mbps wirelessly. 4G does not require line-of-site, which means less interference and the ability to use it in most buildings and homes. CommSpeed 4G uses the FCC's licensed frequencies to ensure fast, interference-free connections. The signal is encrypted for privacy and security. 4G is unavailable in many major metropolitan areas, according to Merrill.

"4G is definitely a more robust system compared to the current 3G standard in terms of data transfer," Merrill said.

Thanks to a donation from CommSpeed, students at the Williams Unified School District (WUSD) are utilizing 4G. CommSpeed recently donated two 6Mbps wireless broadband links - one for each school. According to WUSD Technology Coordinator Gabi Uebel, the donation is invaluable.

"This additional bandwidth will allow the schools to integrate additional multimedia in the classroom. This is a valuable tool for visual learners. Prior to CommSpeed's generous donation, both schools had a limited amount of bandwidth to use during the day to show educational videos such as Discovery Education streaming and CNN Student News," Uebel said. "Many downloads had to be completed after hours. Now the Internet can be opened up and teachers can download their lesson plans and materials during their regular day."

Merrill's grandfather Bruce Merrill - a cable and telecommunications pioneer - founded CommSpeed in January of 2000. CommSpeed currently serves over 7,000 customers and is licensed in Coconino and Yavapai counties.

"My grandfather was a forward thinker," Merrill said. "We are a family operated business based out of Prescott Valley. We are a smaller company providing high quality, personal services. We are native Arizonans and proud of it."

To find out more about CommSpeed, call (928) 772-1111 or (888) 772-1137 or visit

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