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Tue, May 26

Letter: Williams is looking better each year

To the editor:

I would like to respond to the mean-spirited letter recently written to your paper by some long time resident "refusing to roll over and play dead." She needs to understand that nothing in life stays the same and change is inevitable, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. I'm not a newcomer to Williams and I know for certain that this town is looking better every year.

I also dismiss and find offensive "old timer's" criticism of the people who own the El Panado Hotel and claim they want us to "go down the tube." What complete hogwash! Can't she even begin to comprehend that the owners must have had wonderful intentions to fix up a historic landmark that would make the downtown look even nicer? And does it take so much wisdom or insight to guess that these well intentioned investors in downtown Williams were blindsided by the economic and real estate free-fall that has devastated anyone who has bought property anywhere in America during the last five or six years?

Frankly, I see no constructive reason to print that type of small-minded and angry letter. This thinking only serves to divide "our" community between the "old timers" and those who have come later because they love Williams and out of all other places in America choose to make it their home.

Gary McCarthy


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