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Sat, Feb. 27

Letter: Dog could have caused worse damage

To the editor:

I was horrified to read the "Dog vs. Horse" article on the front page of the Jan 12 paper. If that dog has it in him to pull out of his collar and chase anything at all (horse, dog, cat, human, etc.) that dog should always be kept in a fenced yard behind a locked gate. If this dog has been cited before for being a vicious dog at large, what in the world was it doing in a bar?

What if instead of a horse and carriage, that had been a child happily running along the sidewalk? Even if the dog is missing a couple of teeth, he still could do terrible damage to an innocent child or to another animal. By chasing and trying to bite someone, the dog could cause that person to run out in front of a car and be badly hurt.

It's an absolute shame that the carriage horse had to go through the terror and pain that he went through. It's a miracle that everybody in the carriage was not badly hurt. If the carriage had overturned, the visiting riders could have been paralyzed or even killed.

The dog's owner should be required to pay $3,500 to Rod's and $1,000 to the carriage company for repairs. If the owner cannot be responsible enough to keep the dog away from the public, then the city of Williams should take the dog away from the owner.

Cindy LeJeune


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