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Sun, Sept. 19

Local skate park ramps up for resurfacing
Donations and volunteers needed

Ryan Williams/WGCN<br>
Frankie Kramer grinds the rail at the Williams skate park.

Ryan Williams/WGCN<br> Frankie Kramer grinds the rail at the Williams skate park.

WILLIAMS - Improving the Williams skate park has become the mission of Jeff D'Arpa, General Manager of Resort Operations at the Grand Canyon Railway,

"I used it quite a bit when the outdoor parks were too cold or covered in snow. As far as I know this is the only indoor ramp for hundreds of miles," D'Arpa said. "It's a great facility and the local kids of all ages use it a lot."

From using the park, D'Arpa noticed the condition of the ramp boards were deteriorating.

"I spoke with Carol Glassburn and Rose Newbold from Parks and Rec about replacing the ramp surfaces and presented an estimate on what it would cost, said D'Arpa.

There are two options for the park, according to D'Arpa. One is to use X-Games type boards called Skatelite, and the materials would cost around $6,000. The more reasonable option is to use Russian Birch with a "Skatepark" paint that's durable and rides like professional material. That option would cost about $2,800 for materials.

As the current material has endured approximately 14 years this upgrade would last for many years to come.

The Grand Canyon Railway has pledged $500 towards the cost of materials, and D'Arpa himself is donating toward the cause.

"Myself and other members of the community have pledged $100 donations," he said. "I am also a member of the Williams Rotary and will be asking the club for a contribution to the project."

Parks and Recreation members are looking for volunteers to help replace the boards and make any repairs needed when the project gets under way.

D'Arpa wants to see the park in good shape, and hopes the resurfacing will draw more people to use it.

"I see a lot of families utilizing this facility and I think the youth would really appreciate having it upgraded, he said. "Not only would it be more enjoyable but it would also improve the safety of the facility."

Parks and Rec is looking for donations from the community to make this renovation happen. If you are interested in donating please send payment to the city of Williams Park and Recreations Department at 113 S. First St., Williams, AZ 86046.

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