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Tue, April 13

Letter: Carriage company appreciates support

To the editor:

I am writing on behalf of Cowboy's Service AZ Carriage Company. We would like to express our appreciation to the Williams Police Department, Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez, Wild West Junction, the locals who stopped to help and the community of Williams. We were extremely relieved and grateful that no one was injured and that the horse's injuries were only superficial.

We are also very proud of the driver. He did an exceptional job of handling a no-win situation. It was because of his efforts that no one was injured. The incident occurred on the first night our passengers arrived in Williams to ride the train and visit the Grand Canyon. Though it could have been worse than it was, it showed what a great community we have.

As with any town, small or large, there are those who criticize and condemn us for what we do, or what they think we don't do or don't do enough of. To those individuals, I say this; our horses are not just part of a business but are part of our family, just like any other pet would be. They are pampered and spoiled in our own way and just because our way is not your way does not make it any less significant or wrong. We live in a great country that allows us to have our own opinions and express them freely. It also allows us to defend ourselves against said gossip should we choose to do so.

Our family chose to move to Williams because it is a great community. Sure it has its problems, but whose doesn't? We work with others to help it change and grow. We are members of the chamber of commerce and are affiliated with several groups and committees. Because we are high profile, we are ambassadors, information booths and tour guides. Our motto is "What is good for Williams is good for our company and what is good for our company is good for Williams."

We thank you for your concern and support and hope that you will continue to support our company in the future, as we will you.

Melissa Fizzell


Cowboy's Service Carriage Co.

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