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Sun, July 25

Letter: High cost of hay affects us all

To the editor:

If you are a horse owner, I am sure that you are already aware of the high price and shortage of hay in Arizona and other states in the U.S. China is buying most of the hay grown in the U.S.

What people might not realize, is the bigger impact this is having on everyone in the U.S., not just the horse owners. Dairy cows have been put to death, because dairy farmers can no longer afford to feed them. This will probably increase the cost of milk and dairy products in the U.S. If the cattle ranchers have to feed hay to their cows at certain times, they will have to raise the price for their cattle. The cost will then be passed onto us at the grocery store, because beef prices will probably rise.

I heard on the news that horse owners are releasing their horses onto public land because they can't afford to feed them. This is taking away food that our wildlife in Arizona need. Arizona will also eventually have to pay someone to round up these horses, and it is sad to say, put them to death.

I am writing a letter to Senator John McCain, and I am including the address in this letter. I hope that other people will take action, and write or email the senator on this matter - United States Senate, Washington, DC 20510 or email

Laurie Harwood


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