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Thu, Feb. 27

Letter: Trash leaves town looking pitiful

To the editor:

What has happened to the pride in Williams? Where has the leadership gone? For the last two to three elections, I have heard and spoken to candidates running for mayor and councilmen. I've heard them say, "Vote for me. I'll clean up Williams, it'll be my first priority. We'll make people mow their lawns, cleanup the junk piles, paint their homes."

Have you looked around lately? Empty lots with weeds over four feet high, businesses with chipped, peeling paint, shingle piles, cabinets, junk wood, tires, trash everywhere. Refrigerators, stoves and washers behind houses. The parking lot across from the Little League field used to get mowed once a year, along with the canal. Not now! Nothing but overgrown weeds, broken bottles, McDonald's wrappers and trash in our canals.

Businesses are empty. Many, many houses for sale, lots for sale. Why would anyone want to move here? For the small town charm? Not when the town looks pitiful. No one seems to care about the appearance and first impression you get when you arrive in Williams. So sad. These things are not going to encourage businesses and people to move here.

My neighbor hasn't mowed her lawn in seven years. I couldn't sell my house because no one wanted to live next to a place that looks abandoned, unkempt and overgrown with weeds. My neighbors and I have been concerned about the fire danger and have called numerous times. I'm sure there are other people with the same problems in town.

These people seem not to be able to take pride unless they get a written notice or a knock on their door and told that they should pick up, cleanup, throw away, mow or take their appliances and mattresses to the dump. I've been waiting a long time to see some improvement with our new city employees, but they seem to have given up also. Why vote?

I see a lot of city trucks driving by, but they seem not to notice. The only places that seem to be taken care of are the ones on Route 66, those nice, little parks.

Grand Canyon Boulevard is shameful. Beautiful arch into the city - too bad it's so depressing after you go under it. Wake up; it's not too late, or is it?

Sharon Giguere


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