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Fri, June 05

Letter: Health care reform will save lives

Last week, President Obama signed the health care reform bill into the law of the land, and what happened? Nothing. Nothing happened. The earth didn't stop revolving on its axis, the moon and the stars didn't fall from the sky, the U.S. Constitution didn't burst into flame as many of the critics had insinuated, and I have the exact same non-governmental, privately run health insurance today that I had yesterday. So much for a government takeover of health insurance!

So while the naysayers have grossly exaggerated the dire consequences if this were to become law, the country has made a great step towards insuring that nearly all U.S. citizens will someday have access to health insurance. Many lives are going to be saved as a result of this legislation, and I am very proud of Congresswomen Ann Kirkpatrick's position on the bill.

This law will stop insurance companies from canceling health care coverage when someone becomes seriously ill, even though they had routinely paid their premiums for years. It will eliminate the lifetime coverage caps that insurance companies apply so that they can deny coverage if it becomes "too expensive" for them to treat your cancer or chronic disease, even if that lack of treatment will be fatal. This law will prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage due to a previously existing health condition, and for children with pre-existing conditions, this reform goes into effect in just six months.

This law will not, despite all the Internet rumors to the contrary, cover illegal immigrants, or spend any federal funds for abortion. This law does not allow for the government take over of any private insurance company, and it will not make us stand before the "death panel" so the government can decide who lives and who dies. Admittedly, there are many Americans who do not support this law, but once the truth comes out and all the falsehoods that were told about this legislation is rebuked, I think that most Americans will come to understand that this law has strengthened the social fabric of our nation and provides for the common good of our people.

Patrick Lucus


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