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Sun, Sept. 19

Letter: It is a shame the aquatic center is closing

To the editor:

Swimming has many benefits. You can swim or attend water aerobics to lose weight or stay fit. Swimming maintains blood pressure and cholesterol. It is the best workout for pregnant women, arthritis, and back pain. Swimming reduces the risk of heart attack, stoke, and diabetes. It enhances flexibility of joints and builds endurance, muscle strength, and cardio-vascular fitness.

My children and I are saddened by the Williams City Council's decision to close the pool. No more swimming lessons or birthday parties. The summer recreation program will not be the same without swimming. Say goodbye to lap swimming and water aerobics. I'm sorry to all of the physical therapy patients who use the pool for therapy.

I'm curious as to why my water rates have been raised again, but the community's youth are paying the price for the city's overspending. Skate park cutbacks and now no swimming pool, what a shame. Budget cuts should be equal across the board. However, I do not see any cuts at the golf course. We do not need any arches in town; we need recreation for the families and children of Williams and surrounding communities.

I'm a very disappointed taxpaying citizen of Williams. Why were the citizens not asked about this issue? Closing and draining the pool will ruin the pool and equipment. This breaks my heart. The community fought for years to get a pool. I know people from Flagstaff who drive here to use the pool. The city receives great compliments from visitors on our pool.

Thanks to the staff at the aquatic center for volunteering time and food for an awesome New Year's Eve party. My family had a great time. The pool will be greatly missed. Thanks for disappointing the youth of Williams.

Amy Kramer


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