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Fri, Sept. 25

Letter: Look at the numbers

To the editor:

Let me get this straight. The county closes Cataract Lake Campground because of budget restrictions. The campground costs about $5,000 per year to operate. Mr. Hall, the host, says he usually has 23 spots full all the time - at $8 per spot per night that comes out to roughly $5,520 per month. Mr. Hall says he would even work for free if we could keep it open.

Check out the numbers people! It doesn't add up. My guess is that somebody is not telling the truth. We own a home directly north of this campground. For the two years we have been living here, we have never had any problems with campers. These are mainly quiet people who just come here year after year to enjoy nature and spend money in town.

We are cutting off our nose to spite our face! Wise up, you decision makers and start walking in honesty and with intelligence. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize what generates the town's economy and reputation and what doesn't. If you must close something down, consider the ghetto flea market going on the majority of the week north of Safeway.

Cara Richmann


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