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Fri, June 05

Tusayan, Canyon divided on votes

While they agreed on some things, Tusayan voters leaned more to the right than their Grand Canyon neighbors in last week's election, differing on choice for president and on gay marriage.

Among Grand Canyon voters, Barack Obama garnered 72 percent of the vote while McCain got a 52-percent majority in Tusayan.

Obama received 429 votes at Grand Canyon and 115 in Tusayan, the second most behind McCain who netted 136 votes in Tusayan and 158 in the park.

Between Grand Canyon and Tusayan, Ralph Nadar got nine votes and Libertarian candidate Bob Barr got eight. Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney got two, both from Tusayan.

To fill Republican Rick Renzi's House seat, voters here overwhelmingly favored Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick. At Grand Canyon, she received 440 votes or 76 percent while Republican Sydney Hay received 101 votes, or 18 percent. In Tusayan, the win was narrower but still decisive, at 53-40 percent with 127-93 votes.

Tusayan voters were also more conservative on Proposition 102, which called for amending the Arizona constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. There, it passed 138-114, or 55-45 percent while 69 percent of Grand Canyon voters opposed it with a vote of 396-179.

Tusayan and Canyon voters also disagreed on Proposition 101, Medical Choice for Arizona, which put forth language barring the government from passing laws to restrict or interfere with patients and their private health care systems. Supporters said it was a block against moves toward a "socialized medicine" approach to health care reform, making patient freedom and privacy priorities. Opponents said it would interfere with existing programs like Medicare while allowing insurance companies to continue dictating patient care. Grand Canyon voters opposed it 52-48 percent with a final vote of 289-271, while Tusayan voters favored it 59-41 percent, or 142-99. The question was defeated by a narrow 50.2-49.8 percent margin statewide.

For the two national seats and Proposition 102, Tusayan voters were more representative of the state as a whole than Grand Canyon's voters. Arizona voted for McCain 54-45 percent and Kirkpatrick at 56-40 percent.

The state average on Proposition 102, which passed, was 56-44 percent

At Grand Canyon, 599 people voted, for a turnout of 64 percent. In Tusayan, turnout was 67 percent, with 263 voters casting ballots.

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